Mason Jar Money Gift Fake-Out

You want to give cash as a gift, but that can be a boring-looking gift (no matter how excited the recipient is!).  Solve that problem with this Mason Jar Money Gift Fake-Out.  It looks like you’re giving a jar of candy, when really tucked inside is cold hard cash.  The recipient won’t have a clue […]

5 Tricks to Declutter Your Home When You Have No Time

It’s always easy to say that you don’t have enough time to do something. We all lead hectic lifestyles and there’s just not enough time in the day for exercise, cooking healthy meals, or decluttering. Right? Not exactly. The truth is you can make time for anything you want to get done. Let’s take a […]

4 Reasons Why Being Organized Saves You Money

You may think that being organized is all well and good, but is there any real reason that’s good enough to get you motivated? How about saving money? Did you know that being organized saves you money? It’s true. Not only does it stop you from throwing things out, but it even lets you build […]

Reindeer Cookies Recipe

We love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in our house.  So these Reindeer Cookies (which are a play on Monster Cookies for the holidays) are even better since you add holiday M&M’s to the mix as well as oatmeal and chocolate chips.  Yum! The cookies are perfect for a cookie exchange, a holiday party, on a […]

Winter Blizzard Cookies Recipe

I love to make cookies around the holidays, and these Winter Blizzard Cookies are super fun and perfect for Christmas and winter. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a large mixing bowl, beat the butter and cream cheese.  Add both sugars and beat well.  Then add the egg and vanilla and blend well.  You can […]

DIY Snowman Ornament

Some of my favorite ornaments on our tree are homemade (especially by our kids).  Each ornament has a lot of memories in it.  I love these DIY Snowman Ornaments because they are cute and easy to make.  You could make them as a craft with the kids for your own tree, or you could make […]

Sugar Scrub Christmas Lights DIY Gift

I love to create fun DIY gifts that are easy and not super expensive to hand out to friends (or teachers) that aren’t normally on my gift list.  I don’t necessarily have the budget for a big gift, but I still want to give them something so they know that I’m thinking about them. That’s […]

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