5 Tricks to Save Big on Holiday Travel

It’s great to spend the holidays with family, but traveling can be so expensive. You may spend even more money traveling for fun during the holiday season due to entertainment costs. The holidays are already so expensive and traveling takes up quite a bit of your budget. Thankfully, there are ways to save. Whether you […]

Top Holiday Toys 2017

Each year, Amazon (and other retailers) release the top toys that they think will be the hottest toys of the season. They’re usually right, and some of the hottest toys can sell out well before Black Friday! So, it’s not too early to ask the kids on your gift list for their gift ideas and […]

Best Kids Advent Calendars 2017

I remember back when I could hardly wait for Christmas!  Each day brought you closer to the fun of family and presents.  But, when you’re young, it’s hard to wait for the big day, especially when you don’t really understand calendars and time. That’s why these kids advent calendars are perfect to help kids remember […]

What You Can Do Now to Make the Holidays Stress-Free

Wouldn’t it be nice if the holidays could go off without a hitch? It seems like the holidays are more stressful than fun. You may even find yourself wishing your were a kid again because the holidays were more enjoyable. Don’t fret. It doesn’t have to be that way. The key is to start now […]

DIY Lazy Susan

If you’re tired of constantly passing the salt and pepper or butter around the table, you’ll love this DIY Lazy Susan tutorial.  The only tool you need is a drill (and some precut wood pieces) to create this project, and you can spin your condiments around the center of the table. It’s perfect as a […]

DIY Plate and Bowl Bird Feeder

This DIY Plate and Bowl Bird Feeder is a great idea for an inexpensive bird feeder to help the birds over the winter. You want to start by drilling holes in the middle of the plastic bowl and plastic plate.  Use a block of wood under the plate so you don’t accidentally drill into the material […]

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Hopefully, you don’t have any gifts left to purchase…but if you do, here are a few ideas: Magazine Subscriptions – you could always purchase a magazine subscription and create a cute gift card letting the recipient know to expect their subscription in several weeks.  Use coupon code CENTSMOMMA to get 20% off your subscription through DiscountMags. […]

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