Mason Jar Money Gift Fake-Out

You want to give cash as a gift, but that can be a boring-looking gift (no matter how excited the recipient is!).  Solve that problem with this Mason Jar Money Gift Fake-Out.  It looks like you’re giving a jar of candy, when really tucked inside is cold hard cash.  The recipient won’t have a clue […]

7 Alternatives to Christmas Tree Skirts

It’s true that you can find some truly breathtaking Christmas tree skirts available in a number of stores. Whether you’re shopping at your favorite craft store or even Walmart, you can find something beautiful. However, if you want something unique, there are alternatives. Let’s take a closer look. Wedding or Prom Dresses Wedding and prom […]

Reindeer Cookies Recipe

We love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in our house.  So these Reindeer Cookies (which are a play on Monster Cookies for the holidays) are even better since you add holiday M&M’s to the mix as well as oatmeal and chocolate chips.  Yum! The cookies are perfect for a cookie exchange, a holiday party, on a […]

Best Gifts for the Star Wars Fan

My boys are obsessed with Star Wars, and have turned our entire family into Star Wars fans.  We can’t wait for the new movie to come out in theater this December!  If you have Star Wars fans on your gift list, you’ll love these Star Wars gift ideas – from stocking stuffers to the huge […]

6 Tricks to Save Money on Christmas Cards

If you’re sending Christmas cards to a lot of people, it can quickly add up. Spending $3-4 on each card can lead to spending hundreds on cards alone. That doesn’t mean you have to stop sending cards. There are several ways to save money on Christmas cards. Let’s take a closer look. Buy in Bulk […]

DIY Christmas Decorations

One way to make Christmas magical even when you’re broke and to decorate for Christmas inexpensively is to make your own Christmas decorations.  DIY Christmas decorations can be both fun to create and an awesome way to have unique decorations throughout your house. These DIY Christmas decorations include a variety of Christmas projects including a […]

5 Tricks to Get the Best Family Photo

We all want the best family photo – one that we can be proud to hang on the wall (or send with our Christmas card). Unfortunately, we often end up with photos of screaming babies, moody teenagers, and something that seems fake. Wouldn’t it be nice to have photos that show a loving, happy family? […]

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