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Hi, and welcome to “Cents”able Momma. My name is Corrie, and I am married to a wonderful husband and stay at home with 2 rambunctious, but fun boys (13 and 10).

My husband and I knew that we wanted me to stay at home with our kids when they were born, so we took steps to plan for it (such as buying a home we could afford on one income, beefing up our emergency fund, and paying off $35,000 in student loan debt) before our kids were born.

However, it was still a rough transition for our budget when we lost half our household income after my oldest son was born.  I’ve always been a “frugal” person, but now I needed to save even more on our variable expenses like groceries and toiletries

So, I learned all I could about how to save with coupons and became fanatical about building our stockpile of groceries and toiletries.  Plus, I figured out ways to get great deals in order to help stretch our gift budgets.

I love to share the money-saving tips and tricks that I’ve learned as well as coupons, great deals, and freebies.  Plus, I love to read, so it’s a passion of mine to find FREE Kindle books – usually I’ll post at least one Kindle freebie each day.

Some random facts about me:

  1. I was born in Canada, but I’m a U.S citizen now (and have lived here almost my entire life).
  2. I played soccer for 16 years (including college).
  3. I have also lived in Belgium (for a summer) and Germany (for 8 months) while doing internships during college.
  4. I used to speak German (when I lived there…I’m sure I’ve forgotten it all by now!)
  5. I am a former financial analyst and tax pro.  I love reading and thinking about personal finances.
  6. I love to read and usually read a couple of books per week.
  7. I don’t really enjoy cooking (but I do it because I have to).  I do like to bake, though.

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