5 Tricks to Make Your Christmas Tree Elegant on a Budget

Do you want to kick things up a notch this holiday season? Do you want to make your home look elegant for Christmas? You may think that it’s impossible to do on a budget, but you’d be wrong. There are ways to make your home shine this holiday season without overspending. Let’s take a closer […]

How to Make Christmas Magical When You’re Broke

We all want to give our family that magical Christmas that we remember from our childhood. The only problem is that we’ve been led to believe that magic requires money. That isn’t the case. There are so many ways to give your family a Christmas to remember without spending a fortune. Let’s take a closer […]

5 Tricks to Save Money on K-Cups

If you love to enjoy fresh coffee with each cup, chances are you love your Keurig. What you may not love is how much K-Cups can cost. Thankfully, there are so many easy ways to save money. Whether you use a reusable K-Cup or buy in bulk, you can save money on K-Cups. Purchase a […]

6 Tricks to Get Your Finances Back on Track by January

The new year is looming – it’s closer than you think. Is there any way at all that you’re going to get your finances back on track before January? Yes. Believe it or not, even during the biggest spending months of the year, you can get back on track. Let’s take a closer look at […]

When Is It OK to Pause Savings?

You’ve gotten into the habit of saving money with each paycheck. You may have even gone so far as to set up an automatic savings account. These are wonderful steps to financial freedom. But is there ever a time when it’s OK to pause savings? Yes. In fact, pausing savings during certain situations is the […]

4 Ways Being Busy Can Hurt Your Finances

Each year, our lives become more and more hectic. We work harder, play harder, and stay busy from sunup until sundown. But at what cost? Did you know that this type of lifestyle is hurting your finances? Not having time to shop the sales and clip coupons or do things yourself can really cost you. […]

5 Tricks to Keep Your Finances on Track During the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner and many people are going to spend more than they can afford. Credit cards could be maxed out and savings accounts cleared – all so that people can have the best Christmas yet. But does spending more money make the holidays better? No. In fact, it makes the […]

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