Mason Jar Money Gift Fake-Out

You want to give cash as a gift, but that can be a boring-looking gift (no matter how excited the recipient is!).  Solve that problem with this Mason Jar Money Gift Fake-Out.  It looks like you’re giving a jar of candy, when really tucked inside is cold hard cash.  The recipient won’t have a clue […]

DIY Snowman Ornament

Some of my favorite ornaments on our tree are homemade (especially by our kids).  Each ornament has a lot of memories in it.  I love these DIY Snowman Ornaments because they are cute and easy to make.  You could make them as a craft with the kids for your own tree, or you could make […]

Sugar Scrub Christmas Lights DIY Gift

I love to create fun DIY gifts that are easy and not super expensive to hand out to friends (or teachers) that aren’t normally on my gift list.  I don’t necessarily have the budget for a big gift, but I still want to give them something so they know that I’m thinking about them. That’s […]

DIY Halloween Decorations

Part of the fun of Halloween is making creepy-cool decorations. There are thousands of do-it-yourself options to choose from. This includes everything from wreaths to candle holders to yard decorations and wall art to almost anything in between. Here are 10 possibilities to choose from. Which one are you going to make first? DIY Halloween […]

DIY Cake Stand

If you need a cake stand, but don’t want to spend a lot of money buying one, you’ll love this DIY Cake Stand.  It’s easy and inexpensive to make, and the hollow portion of the vase is perfect for adapting it to the various seasons and events. All you need is E6000 craft adhesive, a small […]

DIY Lazy Susan

If you’re tired of constantly passing the salt and pepper or butter around the table, you’ll love this DIY Lazy Susan tutorial.  The only tool you need is a drill (and some precut wood pieces) to create this project, and you can spin your condiments around the center of the table. It’s perfect as a […]

DIY Plate and Bowl Bird Feeder

This DIY Plate and Bowl Bird Feeder is a great idea for an inexpensive bird feeder to help the birds over the winter. You want to start by drilling holes in the middle of the plastic bowl and plastic plate.  Use a block of wood under the plate so you don’t accidentally drill into the material […]

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