S’More Recipes {12 Ways}

We love to eat old-fashioned s’mores where we melt the marshmallow over a campfire and engulf it in a sandwich of chocolate and graham crackers. So yummy…and the perfect camping treat! But, what if you’re not camping and still want to enjoy the taste of s’mores? You can try out some of these S’mores recipes […]

6 Fun Indoor Activities to Beat the Heat of Summer

You want to keep the kids indoors as much as possible when the temperature hits the triple digits. Unfortunately, that can usually result in the constant bombardment of, “I’m bored.” As a parent with kids on summer vacation, you may want to pull your hair out. Thankfully, you don’t have to. There are fun indoor […]

5 Hacks to Save Money on a Road Trip

Road trips can be a lot of fun and are certainly cheaper than going on vacation where you have to fly to your destination. However, that doesn’t mean that the cost can’t quickly add up. Choosing to stop at a convenience store for snacks, for example, can get really expensive. Thankfully, there are small hacks […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Family Road Trip

A family road trip can be so much fun. Unfortunately, there are so many mistakes you may make that will ruin the trip. Whether it’s planning too much or not getting your car checked ahead of time, you want to avoid these mistakes. Let’s take a closer look at mistakes to avoid when you plan […]

20 of the Best Picnic Foods

It’s my favorite time of year – summer!  I love when the weather starts to get nice and you can go on nature hikes and have dinner or lunch outdoors.  If you love to bring your food with you and enjoy a meal outdoors, you’ll want to check out these 20 picnic food ideas – […]

6 Amazing Summer Activities on a Small Budget

We all want to give our kids the best summer vacation possible. However, it can be really expensive to go to the movies a few times a week or go to theme parks. Thankfully, there are some amazing summer activities you can do on a small budget. Whether it’s building an obstacle course or hosting […]

3 Reasons Why Parents Should Love Minecraft for Kids

Living in a world where parents are constantly told to monitor, reduce and perhaps eliminate video game play from their kid’s life it’s no wonder many parents are uncertain about Minecraft. This addictive game is pretty simple in structure and works to guide kids towards learning to survive by building homes, fighting mobs and growing […]

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