15 Halloween Witch Treats

We love to create fun treats for the holidays, and these 15 Halloween Witch Treats are great!  With lots of great DIY ideas, these treats include everything from a witch’s hat, broomsticks, a cauldron, witch’s brew, and even a witch’s finger.  Eerily delicious! Witch Finger Punch | Just Plum Crazy Witch Hats And Broom Sticks […]

Mummy Brownies Recipe

I love to create fun recipes for Halloween, but I don’t really want to take a ton of time to create everything from scratch. This Mummy Brownies recipe is perfect, because you can use a boxed brownie mix, a can of frosting, and candy eyes. It would be great as a craft project or to […]

DIY Halloween Decorations

Part of the fun of Halloween is making creepy-cool decorations. There are thousands of do-it-yourself options to choose from. This includes everything from wreaths to candle holders to yard decorations and wall art to almost anything in between. Here are 10 possibilities to choose from. Which one are you going to make first? DIY Halloween […]

6 Tricks to Save Money on Halloween Candy

Halloween is just around the corner. Soon, little ghouls, zombies, and princesses will be knocking on your door. While Halloween candy can certainly be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. There are so many easy things you can do to save money. You might use coupons, cash in points, or even buy in bulk. Let’s […]

5 Uses for Leftover Pumpkins

If you carve a pumpkin each year (or use them to decorate for fall or Halloween), you may feel a little wasteful just tossing the pumpkin after the holiday is over. Thankfully, there are so many ways you can use leftovers pumpkins. Whether you roast the seeds for a healthy snack or feed the local wildlife, […]

5 Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

It can be easy to buy more Halloween candy than you need, especially when you find great deals and have coupons to match. Don’t let those leftovers go to waste. There are so many great ways to use those leftovers to create delicious treats or beautiful decorations. Whether you make Stuffed Brownie Cups or Fall […]

5 Tips to Save Money on a Halloween Party

It can be so much fun to host a Halloween party. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive. The cost of decorations, party supplies, food, and entertainment can quickly add up. However, if you have a great game plan, you can stick to a budget. Whether you shop at the Dollar Tree or skip the fresh […]

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