5 Ways to Get Kids to Read More Books This Summer

Summertime for my kids means lazy days. However, I still want them to keep up their reading skills even during the summer. Check out these 5 ways to get your kids to read more this summer for some tips to help them get more interested in summer reading.

We all know how important reading can be. Not only does it improve the mind, but it helps build your child’s imagination. Unfortunately, some kids aren’t crazy about reading. The good news is there are ways you can get your kids to read more books this summer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you can do.

Set an Example

First things first. You want to make sure that your child sees you reading for pleasure. Make it a point to curl up with a book at least once a day. Kids are very impressionable and seeing you reading can show them how enjoyable and important it can be. Another great tip is to have family reading time each day. This will show your child that reading is important to everyone in the family.

Plus, if your kids are younger, you can set aside times to read aloud to them. Even once my kids were learning to read, we still read chapter books (like Little House on the Prairie) together. It was a fun time to spend together, and we all got into the books.

Visit the Library

More and more people are turning to ebooks, but there’s nothing like going to the library. A library exposes a child to a large selection of books in a fun environment. Look for summer programs that you can get your child involved in (and typically there are different programs for every age range). It might be story time for smaller children or a reading program for older kids.

Our pool is closed on Wednesdays, so we try to make Wednesdays our day for weekly trips to the library.

Choose Fun Books

If you’re choosing books for your child, start with something you think he would enjoy. For example, look for book versions of the movies he likes. You can also choose books featuring their favorite superheros or Disney characters. If all else fails, start him out with comic books and work your way up from there.

On the children’s desk at our library, they have a notebook filled with book suggestions for specific topics (like fantasy, etc.).  Plus, we typically ask our librarian for suggestions.  They ask a bit more about the child’s interests and have recommended some great books that my boys love to read.

Offer Variety

One good thing about ebooks is the large selection available. You can download so many free books for kids from Amazon. Download every book you think your child would like and then let her pick and choose which books she’d like to read.

Create a Reward System

Last, but not least, a reward system can be a great way to get kids to read more books. However, you want to make sure you read the books as well so that you can ask questions to make sure he read the book before giving him credit. Set a goal for the number of books you want him to read and give small prizes as he reaches smaller goals and then a larger prize when he reaches the big goal.

There are also summer reading programs that your child can participate in (like at your library), where your child can earn rewards for reading.  Our local library offers a free paperback book when you complete your summer reading.  Our library in Michigan used to offer additional prizes for summer reading.

If you have trouble getting your child to read, there are things you can do. Whether you choose fun books or create a reward system, you can get kids to read more books this summer.

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