15 Halloween Witch Treats

With lots of great DIY ideas, these 15 Halloween Witch Treats include everything from a witch's hat, broomsticks, a cauldron, witch's brew, and even a witch's finger.  Eerily delicious!

We love to create fun treats for the holidays, and these 15 Halloween Witch Treats are great!  With lots of great DIY ideas, these treats include everything from a witch’s hat, broomsticks, a cauldron, witch’s brew, and even a witch’s finger.  Eerily delicious!

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Jell-O Witch’s Cauldron | I Save A to Z
Wicked Witch Cupcakes | Made to be a Momma
Halloween Mickey Ear Witch Hat Cookies | JaMonkey
Popcorn Ball Witches | Bullock’s Buzz
Witch’s Broomsticks Snack | “Cents”able Momma
Easy Witch Finger Breadsticks | Nerdy Mamma
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