How to Use your Clutter to Make Money

As you declutter your house, you might as well put your clutter to work to build your emergency fund or help build up your savings. Find out how to use your clutter to make money with these 5 tips.

Did you know that the more items you have, the more work you create for yourself. It might be dusting, trying to make a place for everything, or constantly moving items around. Regardless, clutter can make your life stressful. The good news is you can turn that clutter into cash. Whether you turn scrap craft supplies into something to sell or cash in on collectibles, you can use your clutter to make cash.

Turn Scraps of Craft Supplies Into Crafts to Sell

If you love to craft, there’s a chance you have a bit of this and a bit of that all over your craft room. Instead of letting that clutter eat up your work space, gather the supplies and make things that you can sell on Etsy or at the local craft fair. This way you’re getting rid of the clutter, but also making money from your creations. Best of all, it forces you to get creative.

Sell Your Clutter on Facebook

You can also take all those items you no longer use and sell them through Facebook yard sale groups. This is so quick and easy. Just take pictures of the items and load them to the group along with descriptions and prices. Then all you have to do is meet up with the buyer (in a safe location) and exchange your clutter for cash.

Downsize Your Collections and Turn the Castoffs Into Cash

Do you collect books, movies, video games, or something else that takes up a lot of space? Take time once a year to go through your collections and get rid of any items you no longer want. You can then sell the items through Facebook, eBay, or even trade the items in for gift cards on Amazon.

Turn Outdated Items Into Something Beautiful to Sell

You may have items around your home that are outdated. It might be a brass lamp or vase in a dated color. Regardless of what it is, you can use spray paint, regular paint, or even stain to make it beautiful. You’ll be amazing at what a quick coat of spray paint can do. Best of all, you can choose the current hot colors and sell the items quickly.

Cash In on Collectibles

Last, but not least, if you have collectibles that you’ve lost interest in, sell them online. Chances are you may have pieces that someone needs to complete his collection. You may even have items that have skyrocketed in price. Check the current prices on eBay and see what items are selling for.

You don’t have to let clutter take over your home. There are so many easy ways you can turn that clutter into cash.

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