How to Get Started Decluttering When You’re Overwhelmed

Have you ever wanted to organize and declutter your house, but the project just seems to big and you get overwhelmed? You can use these 5 tips to help you get started decluttering when you're overwhelmed for some tips and tricks to set you up for success.

You may look around your home and have a feeling of anxiety. Clutter can make you feel as though you’re smothering in the things you once loved. However, our tastes change and what we once loved may soon become a useless knickknack. Decluttering your home for the first time though can be very overwhelming. You may not even know where to start. The good news is you can get started decluttering even when you feel overwhelmed. Let’s take a closer look.

Focus on One Area

First things first. Instead of going from room to room and never getting a room done, start with one room. It doesn’t matter which room you start with, but starting with a room that is the least cluttered will give you the motivation to declutter other rooms. This can also make it easier to just get started and feel less overwhelmed.

Start Small

Once you’ve chosen a room to work in, choose a small area to focus on. For example, if you’re working on decluttering your kitchen, start with the junk drawer. Once you have that area decluttered and organized, you can move on to another area. Focusing on one area until it’s finished ensures the job gets done.

Have Three Bins for Sorting

As you work in each area, have three bins close by. One bin should be Keep, another Toss, and another Donate. Put each item into a bin and when you get finished, toss the items that need to be tossed and put the stuff that needs to be donated in your car. If you want to REALLY purge, go through your Keep bin one more time and try to remove another 25% of the items.

Use the Touch It Once Rule

As you’re sorting items, touch each item once before it goes into a bin. Once it goes into a bin, leave it there. Don’t let your sentimental side take over. Be ruthless and quick. It even helps to give yourself a time limit so that you sort the items without second guessing each item.

Let It Go

Last, but not least, once you have a box of items ready to be donated, take them off ASAP. The last thing you want to do is give yourself time to second guess yourself. Take the items to the thrift store and move on.

The thoughts of tackling an entire home can be overwhelming. However, you can get started decluttering your home. Remember, choose one area and start small.

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