How to Keep Clutter from Creeping Back

You worked so hard to declutter your house and get it organized. But, it seems like the clutter is slowly starting to come back in. Check out these 5 tips for how to keep the clutter from creeping back to keep your home clutter-free!

You worked so hard to declutter your home, but what can you do to ensure that your home doesn’t become cluttered again? Whether you use the 24 hour rule or constantly purge your home, you can keep clutter from creeping back. Let’s take a closer look.

Use the 24 Hour Rule

Before you bring something large into your home, think about it. Go home and mull it over. If you still want the item after 24 hours have passed, buy the item. However, chances are that you won’t want the item as badly as you did when you were in the store.

Bring One In, Take Two Out

Do you have a large collection of something? It might be books, movies, handbags, or even tee shirts. If you bring a new one home, you need to take two out of your collection. This prevents your home from becoming cluttered again and also helps you purge at the same time.

Give Yourself Space

Your cabinets, linen closet, etc do not have to be packed to the brim. Instead, give yourself at least 25% empty space in each storage area. This will naturally prevent you from cluttering your home. Chances are you have empty space since decluttering your home. Work to keep that area empty.

Ask Yourself If an Item Still Brings You Joy

Even though you worked to declutter your home, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally go through your home and ask yourself if you still love the things in your home. If something doesn’t bring you joy, you should let it go. Donate it and there’s a good chance it will bring joy to another person’s life.

Purge, Purge, Purge

Last, but not least, on a regular basis, you want to work to purge the areas of your home that are prone to clutter. Each person’s home is different. It might be your kitchen or your living room. Choose a time period, such as every three months, and work to purge items from those areas to prevent your home from becoming cluttered.

After working so hard to declutter your home, do you really want to let the clutter creep back? Take the time to follow these tips so that your home remains clutter-free. Not only will you be happier with a clutter-free home, but you’ll never have that feeling of anxiety again when you look around your home.

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