Day 18: Plan Holiday Baking {30 Days to Get Ready for Christmas}

In my quest for a slower and more meaningful December spent with friends and family, I plan on completing 30 Days of tasks to get ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving…and I invite you to join me.

Day 18: Plan Holiday Baking

Do you like to bake a lot around the holidays?  Well, now’s the time to start thinking about your baking.  Take a sheet of paper from your holiday notebook and brainstorm all the holiday goodies that you make each year (and find the recipes).

Do you feel completely stressed during December trying to get all your baking done?  Maybe you need to evaluate if there is some baking you can skip, especially if the only reason that you make that item is tradition (and it’s a tradition that no one particularly enjoys).

Or maybe you can start some of your baking now and slowly add those items to your freezer to pull out at the perfect time in December.  There’s no rule that says items need to be hot and fresh from the oven as long as they taste good!

Tomorrow we’ll talk checking your baking product inventory and making your shopping list for your baked goods.

Our Holiday Baking:

In the past, I have participated in a cookie exchange (which is fun since we bring a dozen cookies for each person participating and come home with a nice variety of cookies), but since we moved, I doubt I’ll be doing one this year.

However, we have some staples that I love to make for my family each year – fudge, chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies, toffee, and homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast.  My kids actually like to decorate cookies, so I need to figure out either a gingerbread house for them to decorate or make some shaped sugar cookies.  It’s a fun activity for them to do during Christmas break (and the rest of the family enjoys the fruits of their labor!).

What about you?  Do you like to bake during the holidays?

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