5 Tricks for Organizing Kids’ Toys

One of my pain points when my kids were younger was seeing their toys all over the place! If you need help organizing toys in your child's bedroom or even in your living room, you'll want to check out these 5 tricks for organizing kids' toys for some tips and ideas on the best ways to help you and your child store toys.

Are your kids’ toys taking over your home? One of the biggest reasons toys seem to never get put away is that there’s no real place to put them. Don’t let that be an excuse anymore. Whether you put containers where kids can reach them or hide toys in plain sight, there are tricks for organizing kids toys that you’re going to love.

Put Containers Where Kids Can Reach Them

First things first. It’s so much easier for kids to put their toys away when they can access storage. This means you want to use storage options that are low to the ground. It might be toy chests or open containers. However, remember that open containers can cause bedrooms, playrooms, etc to look cluttered.

Use a Cube Organizer

A cube organizer is a parent’s best friend. You can find these organizers in almost any home improvement store and many big box stores. You can even find bins to go inside the organizer at your local Dollar Tree. Always check the Dollar Tree first as many others stores charge $4 and up per cube. Cube organizers allow kids to organize their toys by type. This means they don’t have to pull out all their toys to find what they want to play with.

Add Labels Your Kids Understand

You want to add labels to your cubes that kids can understand. If your kids are too little to read, use pictures. For example, you might have pictures of dolls or action figures, Lego bricks, etc. This makes it easy for kids to know where the toys need to go.


If your kids have way more toys than they’ll play with, rotate them. This is such a great idea and can even save you money on toys. The way it works is that you put away some of the toys and then bring them back out a few months later. The toys will feel like new to your kids. You can then put away the toys they’ve been playing with for later. Keep rotating until your kids begin to outgrow certain toys and then donate them.

Hide Toys in Plain Sight

Last, but not least, if your kids like to play with their toys in the living room, use storage solutions that look pretty. For example, you can find gorgeous storage benches that can hold a lot of toys. This allows you to quickly pick up and store toys when company is coming over. Other options include storage ottomans, tables with hidden storage, beautiful baskets with lids, or trunks.

Toys don’t have to clutter your home. There are so many easy tricks for organizing kids toys.

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