5 Tricks to Declutter Your Life

It's hard to keep track of everything when your life and everything around you is cluttered.  Check out these 5 tricks to declutter your life for some ideas to get back on track and everything in order.

When you think of clutter, you may think of all the stuff your family leaves around the house. It might be toys in the living room or junk mail on the dining room table.

While a number of things cause clutter, there are things you may not think of that are cluttering your life. Today, we’re going to tackle the clutter once and for all. Let’s look at tricks to declutter your life.

Empty Your Inbox

How many emails are setting in your inbox right now? While you may not think about it, email can clutter your life. Each time you open your inbox, you may be overwhelmed by the number of messages screaming for your attention.

Once a day, go through your email and file accordingly. You can set up folders in most email clients. If you find that you’re getting a lot of emails you’re no longer interested in, unsubscribe. This can take a while, but will greatly cut down on the email clutter.

Create a Mail Station

Instead of coming in and dropping the mail on the entryway table or dining table, have a mail station. You could have a trash can for things that need to be recycled and one for things that need to be shredded.

You also want to have a file system, have a folder for things that need to be dealt with immediately, one for bills, and another for things that can be looked at later. If you’re getting a lot of junk mail, look at this informative guide from the FTC on stopping unsolicited mail.

Learn to Say No

Look around your home, how many projects do you have that are half-finished? Does it seem like there’s always something new?

Learn to say no. It can be hard, but once you do, you’ll find that you have less going on in your life and more time for the things you love. You’ll also have time to finish projects.

Get Rid of Those Jeans You Might Fit Into Again

High school has come and gone. While it would be wonderful to fit back into those cute jeans, chances are it’s not going to happen as soon as you think. Plus, those jeans may not be as cute now that you’re a mom of four and ten years older. Let those items go. An even better reward will be fitting into the same size AND buying new clothes.

Make It Easy for Kids to Put Away Their Toys

There are so many systems you can use to make it easier for kids to put away their toys. One of the best is using cube storage. You can put pictures on each cube so that even if your kids aren’t old enough to read, they can still see what’s in the picture and know where things go. Also make sure storage is close to the ground so it’s easier for them.

Decluttering is more than just getting rid of all the doodads you’ve collected over the years. It’s also about getting rid of things that cause you stress or anxiety. Take time each day to declutter your life so that you feel better about things.

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