How to Say No to Spending with Friends and Family

You want to stay on budget and pay off debt (or save for a big goal), but then friends and family ask you to spend money eating out or shopping. Check out these tips for how to save no to spending with friends and family.

It seems like everyone is always trying to get us to spend money. Your kids want you to buy toys and sugary cereals. Your friends want you to go out and shop. Even your husband wants you to give in to splurging on something.

The thing is money can only go so far. You need to be firm about how your money is going to be spent. Let’s take a closer look at how to say no to spending with friends and family.

Teach Kids to Spend Their Own Money

Instead of giving in whenever your kids want something, tell them they can have it, but they have to pay for it. In other words, your kids need to do chores around the house or find ways to earn money, such as mowing lawns. When your kids are earning and spending their own money, it will teach them that money doesn’t grow on trees. They’ll learn to spend money on the things they REALLY want.

Explain to Your Friends That You’re Not Spending Money Right Now

If your friends keep begging you to go shopping or out for the evening, explain that you’re not spending money right now, except for necessities. If your friends can’t understand that, you need new friends.

We all need to take time to not spend any money. Some friends may ask why, but then be interested in learning more. You could even encourage your friends to do the same thing and look for other ways to spend time together that are free (like hosting a family game night).

Remind Your Spouse Why You’re Saving Money

Your spouse may want a bigger TV that’s on sale or to go on a trip with the guys. Remind your husband why you’re saving money (and really you should need to remind him if you have monthly budget meetings and share your goals).  It might be to put a down payment on a house or to go on a family trip. Explain that the amount spent on what they want now, will set you both back on what you want in the future. It can be really hard to break spending habits, but a reminder of what you’re saving for can be enough incentive to keep going.

We all have those times where it seems like everyone wants us to spend money on something. However, you don’t have to give in. There are so many ways to say no. The important thing is to stand your ground and be firm.

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