How to Grow Herbs and Veggies in Hanging Baskets

Check out these tips for how to grow herbs & veggies in a hanging basket for when you just don't have space for a traditional garden.

Hanging baskets are beautiful filled with flowing flowers down the sides. It is hard not to smile when you see them hanging out on the porch at your home or in front of a business. Did you know though that you can grow quite a few herbs and vegetables in hanging baskets? Check out these tips on how to grow herbs and veggies in hanging baskets this year.

The Basics of the Hanging Basket

You want to start with a hanging basket that has a thick coco liner. The thin ones are a bit on the flimsy side and will only last one season. Next, line the bottom of the hanging basket with a trash bag that you have poked with tiny holes. This helps to hold the water in the basket and drain out super slowly. Start with an organic potting soil and add in a healthy amount of perlite or vermiculite, both of which are known for their water-retention properties. Add in two cups of earthworm castings to this mix for a natural fertilizer.

Wrought Iron Traditional Hanging Basket

Plant These Herbs and Veggies

You can plant in a hanging basket in two ways. The first is just plant in the soil like you would in any container garden. With a hanging basket, you can also create a small hole in the coco liner and gently squeeze the plant’s root ball inside. Then pack the potting soil around the roots. For trailing herbs you will want to plant thyme, rosemary, and oregano. For trailing veggies go with tomatoes, petite or pickling cucumbers, and purple Japanese green beans. For the center of the basket you can grow basil, chives, or lavender. Growing broccoli, kale, or lettuce in the center will really fill out your hanging basket nicely.

Watering Techniques

Hanging baskets dry out really fast. During the summer, they need to be watered daily, and in some cases, twice a day. If you can, invest in a simple irrigation system so that the basket won’t dry out. The number one reason why a hanging basket does not thrive is because plants die for lack of sufficient water.

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