Day 27: Declutter your Main Living Areas {30 Days to Get Ready for Christmas}

In my quest for a slower and more meaningful December spent with friends and family, I plan on completing 30 Days of tasks to get ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving…and I invite you to join me.

Day 27: Declutter your Main Living Areas

Especially if you’re going to have guests over for Christmas this year, get a head start on cleaning for the holidays by decluttering your main living areas.  Decluttering now will help you make your space look cleaner, and it will make it easier to maintain a clean house throughout December.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just pick up a few areas and do some quick cleaning in December before guests come over?

So, like yesterday’s challenge to declutter the kids’ rooms, grab 3 buckets or bags and designate them as a “Keep”, “Give”, and “Trash” bucket.  Pick up each item and quickly designate it for one of the 3 buckets.  If you (or someone in your family) doesn’t love an item, and it’s not serving a useful purpose, consider passing it on to someone else.

Our Decluttering:

Since we moved this summer, we did a lot of decluttering.  However, I will admit we still have stuff we need to get rid of.  With a different house, we have different needs (that were difficult to anticipate before we moved).  Plus, we no longer have a basement, which means a huge loss of storage room.

I would love to get our dining room decluttered.  Since we don’t have a dining room set, that room has kind of turned into our catch-room for items that we don’t quite know where they should go.  That would be fine…but our dining room is right off our front door.  I don’t think that any guests need to see our pile of junk.  I’m going to work on decluttering the area over the next few days.

What about you?  Do you have a lot of decluttering in your living areas to tackle?

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