How to Survive When You Get Tired of Saving Money

Do you ever get tired of always pinching your pennies so you can save money? You feel like you're constantly depriving yourself of everything fun? Check out these 5 tips to help you survive when you get tired of saving money for some ideas of how to get through the fatigue.

Let’s face it. We all know how important it can be to save money. It gets us prepared for emergencies, retirement, etc. However, there are things you may be doing that make you question if you want to keep it up. Thankfully, there ways to survive when you get tired of saving money. Let’s take a closer look.

Make Sure You’re Allowing Some Fun Money

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to not allow at least a small amount of fun money. You want to make sure you give yourself a small amount of your paycheck each pay period. The exact amount will depend on what you can afford. Even if you’re only paying yourself $20 a month, it can make a huge difference. When you have money that you can blow on whatever you want, it makes it so much easier to stick to saving money.

Start a Game

Look for ways to make saving money fun. For example, if you use coupons to create overages, use the overages to add money to savings and see if you can beat the previous month’s savings. When you’re working hard to stick to your grocery budget, you’ll have more money to save.

Look at Your Plan

Sit down and look at your savings plan. Does it make sense to you at this point in your life? For example, if your hours were recently cut at work, putting back the same amount each week may not be doable. If you’re feeling the strain, you need to make changes that will allow you to cover your expenses, but still put back a bit of money each pay period.

Find New Ways to Save Money

There are always ways to save money. There are so many YouTube videos or Pinterest ideas devoted to the topic. Watch some videos and try new things. For example, you might decide to start using the envelope system or start a savings challenge. Try something different and see if it works for you.

Trade One Expense for Another

Last, but not least, if you find yourself missing something you gave up, consider giving up something else. For example, if you miss having TV service, consider giving up going to the movies and out to eat each week so you can get TV service again.

It happens to everyone. You may find that you’re so tired of tracking expenses and making sure you’re putting back money each week. Thankfully, you can survive when you get tired of saving money.

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