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Along with saving money, I always keep my eye out for ways that I can earn a little extra money also.  One of my favorite way to earn extra gift cards is through MyPoints.


There are several companies that will pay you to read your e-mails.  One of my favorite paid e-mail companies is My Points.

What is MyPoints?

Basically, MyPoints is a rewards company where you earn points for various activities (see below).  You usually need about 1500-1600 points to earn a $10 gift card from stores such as Amazon, BP, CVS/Pharmacy, iTunes, Kohls, Shell, Panera Bread, and many more.  I usually qualify for several $10 gift cards per year.

How Do You Earn Money with MyPoints?

  • Read e-mails – 5 points just for clicking on the periodic e-mails that MyPoints sends
  • Surveys – 10 points if you don’t qualify, 50+ points if you do qualify
  • Offers – some of the e-mails include offers…like sign up for such and such and earn x points – depending on what it is, I don’t usually sign up
  • Games – you can earn points when you play their games – I’ve never done this
  • Shopping – you can earn points when you shop through the MyPoints site – I’ve never done this, because using the cash-back sites seems a better deal.

How Do You Join?

  • Visit MyPoints and register
  • You will receive an e-mail from MyPoints.  Click to validate your e-mail address and you’re ready to go.

Please Note:

If you want to avoid extra e-mail in your personal account, just create a new e-mail address just for offers like this (or create a filter in Outlook or Gmail so the e-mails go to their own folder). I usually get a couple of e-mails per day.

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