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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post with some ideas for frugal teacher’s gifts. Yesterday was my 5 year old’s last day of school, so I thought I would show you what I ultimately decided to do.

I purchased a potted begonia from a local nursery for $4.25 each. They gave me a free pick to place into the pot. Then, I created a bookmark (using Shabby Princess’ FREE Vintage Florals kit) for each of his 3 teachers that stated, “Thanks for helping me Grow” with a picture of him on it. I also created a card and wrote a personal note to each teacher (with my son’s signature).

I thought they turned out really cute, and I probably spent about $15 total for all three gifts.

Do you do teacher’s gifts? What are some ideas that you have used? For more frugal ideas, please visit Life as Mom.


  1. susieshomemade says:

    I gave my daughter’s teacher some of my cookie dough balls with a note that said, “Thanks for making my life so sweet”:-)

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  2. Corrie @ "Cents"able Momma says:

    Susie – What a cute idea!

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  3. Whitney says:

    That is a cute idea. We aren’t old enough for teachers yet, but I will definitely do something to let them know how much I appreciate them when we are.

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  4. niki says:

    That turned out really cute.

    In our local school we all take our $5 or whatever we were going to spend and pool it together to get the teacher something really nice, like a gift card. The teachers really appreciate it when they get $75-100 as a gift card in lieu of 20 knick-knacks. Not that they don't appreciate any token, but after years of teaching you get a lot of mugs and other teacher or apple-printed stuff.


  5. Corrie @ "Cents"able Momma says:

    That's a great idea to pool money together, too! I just didn't get my act together in time to organize anything…plus our MI economy is really bad, so I'd hate to make someone feel bad for not contributing.

    I know what you mean about the mugs/apples, etc. I specifically tried to avoid anything like that :-). They can plant the flower and not feel bad about throwing the bookmark away :-).

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