How to Pay Black Friday Prices on Amazon

Did you know that Amazon frequently matches Black Friday prices during the week of Thanksgiving? They do, and you can find out 5 tips for how to pay Black Friday prices on Amazon so you can save both time and money on your Christmas shopping.

We all know that Amazon has amazing deals, but have you ever thought about shopping Amazon on Black Friday? Believe it or not, Amazon has many of the same deals that Walmart (and other retailers) have. This allows you to shop in the comfort of your own home without having to battle the crowds. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind to get Black Friday prices on Amazon.

Become an Amazon Prime Member

First things first. While you don’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to score great deals on Black Friday, you will have the upper hand. Many deals are offered to Prime members first. For example, a deal might start for Prime members at noon, but not be available for other shoppers until one. This means that by the time the deal is open to other shoppers, it may be sold out. Get a Prime membership and get early access to great deals.  Plus, you’ll get free shipping on your order without worrying if it meets the free shipping minimum.

Sort Deals by Category

Deals start throughout the day on Amazon. One way to find the deals you’re most interested in is to sort the deals by category. This helps ensure that you don’t miss a deal on something you really want while wading through deals on other items.

Be Quick

Deals go quick on Amazon. If you’re wanting something like a gaming system, you need to not only be a Prime member, but have a quick hand. Some items sell out in literally seconds. This means that you need to be on top of your game to get Black Friday prices on Amazon. Once the item is in your cart, you need to checkout within 15 minutes or the item will be removed and offered to another shopper.

Join the Wait List

If you’re not as quick as other shoppers, don’t be afraid to join the wait list. Some shoppers may add the item to their cart, but change their mind. If this happens, you may get the chance to buy the item. Keep the site open and you’ll be notified if the items becomes available. However, you’ll only have a few minutes to add the item to your cart.

I’ve gotten lucky in the past and joined the wait list and actually been notified that I could purchase the item after all.  So, this really does work!

Check Back Throughout the Day

Last, but not least, check back throughout the day. Some deals are relisted throughout the day. This is especially true for video games and movies. If you happened to miss a deal, don’t give up hope. The item may be relisted later in the day or another day of the week during Thanksgiving week.

Amazon has awesome deals on Black Friday (and the weeks leading up to it). With that said, you need to make sure you’re a Prime member so that you get access to deals early. You also need to be quick so that you don’t miss a great deal. If you do happen to miss a deal, check back throughout the day to see if the deal comes around again.

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