Day 26: Declutter the Kids Toys {30 Days to Get Ready for Christmas}

In my quest for a slower and more meaningful December spent with friends and family, I plan on completing 30 Days of tasks to get ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving…and I invite you to join me.

Day 27: Declutter the Kids Toys

Maybe you do a better job than I do in containing your kids toys?  Or do their rooms look like a toy explosion happened (like my kids)?

If you have kids, it’s likely that they’ll get a few toys this year for Christmas.  And, if their rooms are already exploding with toys, now would be a great time to go through their rooms and decide which items they can part with to make room for new items.   If your child has a hard time parting with things, it might make it easier now knowing that they will likely have replacements soon.

So, grab a couple of buckets or bags and work together with each child to sort through the room.  Label each bucket or bag with “keep”, “give away”, and “trash” and sort each item into a bucket.

It might help motivate your child if they know the give away pile will be given to someone who doesn’t have many toys.  Or, if you live in a climate that’s not too cold, you could have a garage sale and they could keep any of the money they earn from the sale of their items.

Our Toy Decluttering:

There are some small things (like McDonalds toys or cheap party favors type items) that I’ll dispose of without asking (and they usually never miss).  However, when it comes to real toys in my boys rooms, I think it’s best if we go through the rooms together and make decisions on what stays and what can go.

My boys tend to be more on the pack-rat side (like their dad and myself), so they can talk themselves into keeping everything.  So, it’s really up to me to help them sort through items that they don’t use anymore, especially if it’s a baby or toddler toy.

What about you?  Do you need to declutter the toys?

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