Day 14: Take Your Holiday Photo {30 Days to Get Ready for Christmas}

In my quest for a slower and more meaningful December spent with friends and family, I plan on completing 30 Days of tasks to get ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving…and I invite you to join me.

Day 14: Take Your Holiday Photo

If you send out Christmas cards or a letter, now is the time to take your picture for the card (unless you plan on using photos from throughout the year).

I find that it’s a lot easier to get a good picture when I’m not under the stress of “if I don’t get this picture right now..we won’t have Christmas cards”.  Second, there are usually some good Christmas card deals that pop up early for those who are ready to take advantage of them.  Last year, I bought a Groupon deal for my Christmas cards…with the catch that I had to place my order before Thanksgiving.

The photo does not have to be professional.  I find that outdoor pictures usually turn out great (especially on an overcast day where there’s no glare).  If you want a full family photo, ask a friend to take the picture or use a tripod and the timer on your camera.

If you plan on taking your picture inside, look for a fairly neutral place for the photo that’s not too busy in the background.  My personal favorite spot for photos of just my 2 kids is sitting on our couch.  I purchased a huge cream piece of fabric several years ago that I lay over the couch for a neutral background.  Or you can find a way to hang it behind you, too.

Our Holiday Photo:

My parents were here last week…and besides being thankful that we were able to spend time with them…they also insist on doing a family photo every time they are here.  It was perfect timing, since we got a great photo that I plan on using for our Christmas cards this year.

What about you?

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