Custom Color Mason Jars {using Balloons}


If you’re throwing a party, one fun way to decorate for the party is to use custom color mason jars as glasses for drinks. And it’s even more fun if you can add some custom colors to the jars (like red, white, and blue for the 4th of July) to jazz them up.

I love this version of decorating the mason jars, since balloons are inexpensive, the craft is easy to do in larger quantities, and you can cut off the balloons when you are done and reuse the jars in the future with a different color scheme.



Wash and dry your mason jars.

Select your first balloon.

You are going to cut the ‘neck’ and the ‘base’ of the balloon.

Then, stretch it out and and put it over the Mason Jar. (It’s easier if you flip your jar over.)

Then repeat for any other colors you would like to put on the jar.

When you are finished with the cup just cut or pull the balloons off.

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