5 Ways to Save Money When Buying in Bulk

One way to save money on groceries and toiletries is by buying in bulk.  However, bulk shopping is not always the best deal.  Check out these 5 ways to save money when buying in bulk to make sure you really are saving money on your purchases.

When done right, buying in bulk can save you a lot of money. However, there are times when you’ll end up wasting money. If you want to buy in bulk, you need to follow these tips. Whether you check unit prices or manage your stockpile, you can save money when buying in bulk.

Check Unit Prices

First things first. Just because something is sold in bulk, doesn’t make it a good price. In some cases, the price is the same as buying a smaller package. That’s why you must check the unit price. Some stores have the unit price listed to make things easy. However, it pays to always have a calculator handy just in case the unit price isn’t listed or the unit price of the bulk package is listed different than the smaller package. For example, the bulk price may be listed by the number of packages in the container while the smaller package has a unit price listed in ounces.  If you have a price book, you’ll know if the bulk unit price is a good deal.

Compare Prices

If there are things you already buy in bulk, you want to make sure you’re getting the best price. Check other stores in the area and see what they charge for the same bulk package. For example, Sam’s may be cheaper than Walmart, even though they’re the same company. You also want to consider shopping online and seeing if those prices are better than what you’re currently paying.

Buy Only What You’ll Use

A big mistake people make is to buy in bulk because the price is better but it’s more than they’ll use. For example, you might buy a huge box of cereal but your family not be able to eat it all before it goes stale. You always want to make sure your family will be able to use the product before it goes bad.

Invest in Good Quality Storage Canisters

Another great tip is to spend the money to get airtight canisters that will keep your food fresh. The last thing you want to do is open a giant-sized bag of chips and only be able to eat a quarter of the package before the chips go stale. You can usually find canisters in big box stores, such as Sam’s. You can also find some really great canisters on Amazon. If you’re storing liquids, make sure to choose glass containers to prevent the chemicals in the plastic from affecting your food.

Manage Your Stockpile

Last, but not least, you want to manage your stockpile at least once a month. This means going through your food and making sure you’re using the oldest foods first. Whenever you go shopping, place the older items behind the ones you already have on hand. You can also check the dates to make sure the ones that will expire first are always in the front of your pantry or freezer.

Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money, if you do it right. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy the price benefits without throwing out expired food.

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