5 Things You Should Buy After Christmas

The After-Christmas sales are coming soon, and you should be buying these 5 things after Christmas to start saving money on next Christmas.

The week after Christmas is a shoppers dream come true. There are so many great buys. It’s the perfect time to get stocked up for next year and there are even things you can enjoy right away. Whether it’s wrapping paper or beauty products, there are several items you should buy after Christmas.

Wrapping Paper, Gift Bags, Greeting Cards, Bows, Etc

You never want to pay full price for wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, greeting cards, etc. You can find all of these things on clearance after Christmas. This is a great way to get the high-dollar items you love at an affordable price. It’s best to hit the stores the day after Christmas. Get the items you absolutely MUST have and then shop throughout the week to see how low the prices will go.


Decorations are another thing you never want to pay retail for. In the weeks after Christmas, the prices on decorations will drop drastically. It’s not uncommon to find ornaments on sale for 90% off. Again, if there is something you really like, you’ll want to buy it the day after Christmas.

Christmas Candy and Food

You definitely want to buy Christmas candy after Christmas. You can find amazing prices and stock up until the after Valentine’s Day sales. When you shop these after holiday sales, you’ll rarely have to pay full price on candy. Another thing to look for is spiral hams. Walmart often has these hams on sale the day after Christmas at huge discounts.  I’ve even found hams on discount at Costco too after Christmas!

Bath Sets and Beauty Products

Love to take bubble baths or use body spray? After Christmas, you’ll find all those bath, makeup, and beauty sets on clearance. Stores like Victoria’s Secret even have perfume up to 75% off during the month of January.

Christmas Clothing and Accessories

Last, but not least, if you love to wear Christmas sweaters, socks, and pajamas, buy them after Christmas. These items can be found at a huge discount. Just put them away for next year and you’ll have tons of cute things for you and the kids to wear next Christmas.

If you love to score great deals, shopping the week after Christmas is an absolute must. There are so many great buys. Best of all, stocking up this year, means that you’ll have everything you need for next year. Whether you want wrapping paper or Christmas socks, you’ll find cute things at very cheap prices.

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