5 Frugal Valentine’s Day Activities with Kids

Make Valentine's Day special for your kids with these 5 Frugal Valentine's Activity ideas to do with kids.

Valentine’s Day is such a special time for kids. It’s so fun to think about giving a Valentine to that special someone for the very first time – even if that special someone is mom or dad. If you want your kids to have fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you’ll love these frugal Valentine’s Day activities.

Dollar Tree Crafts

The Dollar Tree has so many inexpensive crafts your kids can do. You can find little kits that are easy and fun to make or you can purchase craft supplies so your kids can make their own fun pieces. In addition to craft supplies, Dollar Tree also has stickers and lots of other fun things that your kids can use to make fun Valentine’s crafts.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Another fun idea is to have a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. You can make clues that suit the ages of your children and allow them to spend Valentine’s Day hunting for even more clues that lead to their Valentine’s Day presents. It’s just a fun way to keep the kids busy while you get ready for your night out.

Movie Marathon

If you have little girls in your home, a movie marathon featuring sweet romantic cartoons would be so much fun. You could then have fun little snacks for the kids to munch on that match the theme of the movies. For example, you could serve miniature cupcakes and sparkling juices. Just have fun with it.


There are so many fun treats you can bake up for Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s decorated cookies or cupcakes, your kids will have fun. If you want to do something really fun, do a Valentine’s Day gingerbread house. You can decorate the roof with conversation hearts and melt down cinnamon candies for the windows.

Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Last, but not least, make homemade Valentine’s Day cards together. You can find everything you need at the Dollar Tree. They have blank cards, stickers, markers, crayons, etc. This is so much fun for little ones. If you like, you can also get kits from your local craft store.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your kids entertained. There are so many inexpensive activities that will keep them occupied. Whether it’s making homemade cards or baking up cupcakes, your kids will love these frugal Valentine’s Day activities.

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