Join YouData and Get Paid to Look at Ads

A couple of weeks ago, I found out about YouData. It’s a new company that is letting you decide who gets your attention for advertising and you get paid to look. I joined about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve already gotten paid $7.70 through Paypal just for looking at some ads and clicking through to a few sites.

Here’s how it Works:

  • You sign up for a YouData account (you will need to list your cell phone number, since they will text a code to verify your account…that’s the only text that I received from them)
  • You create a MeFile (which includes basic information about you, like gender, birthday, etc…no personal information, like name, address, etc.)
  • You can check the YouData site for ads or download their viewer.
  • When you view an ad, you get paid to view it or click through to the website.
  • The site has a great demo video that describes how it works. I love the idea of getting advertisers to pay me for viewing their ads.


  1. Money Saving Pro says:

    Hey Cents-
    I signed up. I’m not understanding it all completely but it looks good. I’ll read more when I get a little time. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Corrie at "Cents"able Momma says:

    Let me know if you need any help with it. I believe the company is pretty new…they don’t even have the video ads available yet.

    It’s been really easy for me to earn money so far. I just click through whenever I see an ad available to view from YouData.

  3. Tabatha S says:

    Thank you for the sites on ways to earn money…I was looking at one of your blogs and you said you were saving it till Christmas to cash out..And I started thinkin this is a good way to earn a little money for Christmas!! Thank you so much. I am doing both the send earnings,inboxdollars, mypoints and youdata…I like the youdata so far the most it seems really easy to just click on the ad and look thru and you earn money. I like that…THANKS AGAIN!!

  4. I signed up for You Data and the first day I earned about 1.50, which was great. But since then I only get about .10 worth of ads a week. Am I doing something wrong? I didn’t download the ad viewer but I just check back in on the website once a day or so. Do the offers time out, or stop being available once a certain number of people click them?

  5. tereza says:

    How often you get paid? is there any minimum you have to earn before you get payment? And one more think on registration form i can see refereal code – can you share your ID or what is should be so you can get credit?

  6. tereza says:

    many thanks. it was so easy to join!

  7. Gina Silva says:

    I look forward to viewing many sites and getting paid.

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