Hulu Plus: 1-month FREE Trial

For a limited time, you can get a FREE 1-month trial of Hulu Plus (normally a 1-week FREE trial).

Here’s how it works:

  • Register for Hulu Plus to get a FREE 1-month trial
  • Check your Hulu Plus account to confirm the first billing date is 4 weeks out

If you don’t want to continue your subscription after the trial, make sure you mark it on your calendar to cancel the subscription before the trial ends, or you’ll be charged for one month ($7.99).

Basically Hulu Plus offers additional features beyond the free Hulu service (such as the ability to watch shows on devices, HD programming and more). You can watch many ABC, Fox, and NBC shows using your internet connection.

We actually don’t have cable, so we get very creative with the limited TV that we do watch. We can get ESPN for FREE through AT&T Uverse, we have Netflix, and I will occasionally watch an episode I missed on Hulu. I also have a TV tuner on my computer, so I use my computer as a sort of DVR.

Don’t forget: you can also get a FREE 1-month subscription to Netflix.


  1. anne says:

    How do you get ESPN free? I have U-Verse right now for tv, phone and internet, but am planning on canceling the tv part since we barely use it.

  2. benny says:

    Could you explain the tv tuner concept? How can I set this up for my home laptop?

    • For my desktop, I ordered my computer with a TV Tuner in one of the PCI slots, but I also did it on my old HP laptop. I purchased a TV tuner for the Expresscard slot. But, I think there are USB TV tuners available too.

      You just connect an antenna (or hook up cable or satellite) to the TV tuner and then you can record shows using Windows Media Center.

  3. This did not work for me.

  4. Didn’t work! I followed every step, but didn’t receive any email to confirm the 1-month free trial!

  5. Gerald dronberger says:

    I downloaded the free app for iPhone but it wants my login info but there is none. How do I set it up on a iPhone ? When there is no data input?

  6. Denise Braxton says:

    do u have a number 2 contact because i have xbox live and i am trying 2 hook-up the hulu but i am having situation with the connection from t.v. to labtop please contact me with some subjects.

  7. Magan says:

    Love it

  8. Linda D White says:

    thank you for the free trial … you had MORE stalls than Netflix but THEY WERE WAY SHORTER IN DURATION … i am sure it is due to the poor internet connection i get with the Virgin Mobile Broadband 2Go device i use … sorry i did not enjoy the trial … please DELETE or count me out …

  9. Maribel Velazquez says:


  10. can you tell me how to get a month free hula , i clicked on the link and it sent me to facebook and i checked liked. where do i link my facebook to hula?

  11. carolstavola says:

    i would like a free month trial via my roko player

  12. sandy says:

    just sayin i did this and it didnt work, i wrote to hulu and they said its out dated, but ur page dont say that…………i think its unfair to keep it posted and patrons who sign up dont get the month free………..kinda makes u wonder if u can trust the site or not…..plz take this down if its no longer relevent………..thanks

    • Corrie C says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. However, I don’t take posts down on my site since it creates broken links. I also don’t typically go back and update old posts (especially ones that are almost 2 years old like this one) since it’s just me working on my site and I devote all my time finding new deals. Since I have over 11,000 posts from over the course of 4+ years of work on my site, it’s not realistic to keep every old post updated. However, I will add a quick update to this post. Thanks!

  13. anna eaton says:

    Hi I tried the free hulu,, but cannot pick up any programs in my area,, and I could not find the cancel subscription… So please cancel it for me,, thank you,, Mrs. Eaton

    • Corrie C says:

      Hi Anna,

      I am not affiliated with Hulu Plus, so you will need to contact them to cancel your order.

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