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Along with saving money, I always keep my eye out for ways that I can earn a little extra money also.  Over the next couple of weeks, I plan on introducing you to some of my favorite methods.

InboxDollars and SendEarnings

There are several companies that will pay you to read your e-mails.  Last week, I let you know about MyPoints, and now we’re going to talk about InboxDollars and SendEarnings.

What are InboxDollars and SendEarnings?

Basically, they are 2 different companies that allows you to earn extra cash for various activities (see below).  You get a $5 bonus with each company when you sign up, and you will need to reach a $30 balance to cash out.  Although the InboxDollars and SendEarnings are separate sites, they are very similar and may possibly be related.

How Do You Earn Money with InboxDollars or SendEarnings?

  • Read e-mails – you earn several cents per e-mail just for clicking on the periodic e-mails that InboxDollars and SendEarnings sends
  • Surveys – $0.50 for every completed survey – I find that many of the other survey sites pay more
  • Offers – some of the e-mails include offers…like sign up for such and such and earn x dollars – depending on what it is, I don’t usually sign up
  • Games – you can earn points when you play their games – I’ve never done this
  • Shopping – you can earn points when you shop through the  InboxDollars or SendEarnings site – I’ve never done this, because using the cash-back sites seems a better deal.

How Do You Join?

  • Visit InboxDollars and/or SendEarnings to register (I’m a member of both).  You will get a $5 bonus in your account for registering.
  • You will receive an e-mail from InboxDollars or SendEarnings.  Click to validate your e-mail address and you’re ready to go.

Please Note:

If you want to avoid extra e-mail in your personal account, just create a new e-mail address just for offers like this (or create a filter in Outlook or Gmail so the e-mails go to their own folder). I usually get a couple of e-mails per day.

Are you a member of InboxDollars or SendEarnings?  How do you like the program?

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  1. Tashena Gonzales says:

    Although it does take a while I finally got my first payout for Inbox dollars and a like it a lot. It is quick and simple and I take their surveys occassionally. I’ve done just one offer and a few shopping things. Also a lot of the survey sites I signed up for they had offers for! So I’d say this is one of the first ones to sign up for because it does take a while to accumulate and because it can introduce you to more survey sites.

  2. Pudding says:

    I am a member of Inbox Dollar and so far I have read 976 in almost a year and haven’t reach the $30 yet. I think is not worth it. I may continue to reach the minimun, cash it out and close it.

    • Archie says:

      I’ve begun to kind of geek out on my small earnings with inboxdollars (I do send earnings too, but it looks like it will take too long to reach the threshhold). I will add: inboxdollars just launched “videos.” Great way to spend a small amount of time to pick up a little extra from them (you basically watch commercials to receive a few cents). I basically do e-mails and the videos every day, and nothing else. I’m pretty strict on how much time I’m willing to sink into them — surveys are too long for the money. Never done games. Never done the buying. NEVER added a toolbar.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I used to be a member of Inbox Dollars – it took me nearly 2 years to accumulate enough to cash out. I was diligent about clicking through the emails everyday. Once I got close to the $30, I really paid close attention to the points and I noticed I was not receiving credit for all of the activities that I participated in. I contacted them and after a small song and dance, I was able to collect the points that had not been credited. Needless to say, as soon as I was able to cash in, I did, and I unsubscribed as soon as I received my check. I like My Points WAY better – seems like the points there accumulate much faster and are worth more.

    • I have been a member for year, but was not consist in reading email, etc. I did start being more consist and it I have cashed out twice this year and am on my way to the third time; need about six more dollars.

  4. Heather says:

    I have been a member for both of these sites for quite some time, but love them both! Super EASY! Yes, it takes a while to accumulate enough $ to cash out, but its FREE money! In the past year Iv’e made a little over a hundred dollars and have more to cash out soon! Another of my new favorites is Swagbucks! It is amazing and you make $ much faster! I’ve already made $50 in less than two months!

  5. Amanda McBrayer says:

    I use swagbucks, inboxdollars, and sendearnings. Cashed out a few times this year from swagbucks with PayPal $25 gift card option. Inboxdollars just received a check payment! And more racking up fast! I click my emails and just do the surveys while lounging watching TV. Sendearnings is racking up quickly from the same. I qualify for more surveys than I think. I flip back and forth and do surveys. Also make sure to do your daily searches!

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