Centsable Earnings: Cash-back from Online Shopping

Along with saving money, I always keep my eye out for ways that I can earn a little extra money also.  Over the next couple of weeks, I plan on introducing you to some of my favorite methods.

Using Cash-Back Sites

Before I do anything online that involves a purchase, whether it’s buying something or booking a hotel or flight, I check my favorite cash-back sites to see which one offers the highest percentage cash-back.

What are Cash-back Sites?

Basically, they are sites where you can “earn” a percentage back on any purchase that you make through their purchase links.  I like to think of them as an extra discount off the purchase price of the item I’m buying.

Favorite Cash-back Sites:

How Do Cash-back Sites Work?

I shop between my favorite cash-back sites above, and choose the one that has the highest percentage cash-back. but if you don’t shop online much, you may want to pick a favorite or two to ensure that you hit the payout minimum.

Once you’ve decided which cashback site to use search for the name of the store and click through the store link to shop. It’s very important that you click through from the cash-back site, since that’s how credit is determined for your order.

Please note: Each cash-back site lists various online coupon codes that you can use when you shop. If you have a coupon code that you use that’s not listed on the cash-back site, you may not get any money back.  Basically, the cash-back site will only be able to pay you if they are paid from the company where you made the purchase.  If you use an unauthorized affiliate coupon code, they may not get paid…and then you won’t get paid.

So How Do you Get your Cash?

  • Ebates – “Big Fat Checks” are sent via check or Paypal every 3 months when your account balance is at least $5.01.
  • TopCashBack – Payment via Paypal as soon as you earn the cash-back (no minimum to cash out)
  • Mr. Rebates – Need $10 in “Available Rebates” to cash out. Payments are made by check or Paypal around the beginning of each month.
  • UPromise – The order will show up in your Upromise account a couple of days after placing your order. It will show up as pending until Upromise is paid. Once it is paid, the money can be transferred to your 529 plan during your quarterly transfer.

Do you use a cash-back site?  If so, which one is your favorite?

Additional “Cents”able Earnings Methods:


  1. Cmoney says:

    Thanks for the info. I recommend cashreporter.com to compare cash back sites.

  2. cindy says:

    While talking about cash back sites, I wish to recommend some like Bing, FatWallet, AAfter Search and ShopAtHome.

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