Taco Bell: Get a FREE $10 Gift Card with Purchase

There’s a new rewards site called Plink. Basically you earn points by linking your credit or debit card on their site and then making purchases at select restaurants and retail locations.

Right now, you can earn a FREE $10 gift card when you register for a Plink account, link a debit or credit card by Sunday (7/28) at 11:59 pm, and make any purchase at Taco Bell using your linked card.

You will earn 1,0000 Plink Points within 7 business days of the transaction posting, which can be used to get a $10 gift card for Amazon, Target, Starbucks, etc.


  1. Brandy says:

    uhhhhh…. The app is kinda sketchy. One of the first things it asked me to do was provide Plink with my login info for my bank’s website (as if I was trying to log into Chase.com). So essentially Plink wanted the ability to log into my bank account. NOT COOL!

    • I had previously signed up but not linked my cards yet. I thought you just gave the number like with Upromise, but you’re right you need to give your login information which I’m more wary about.

      I still believe that the app is a legit one and they do use bank level security with your information, but each person needs to make a choice with how much personal information to share.

      Thanks for sharing!

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