FREE Kindle Book: Go Softly All My Years

Right now, you can download the Go Softly All My Years Kindle book written by Virginia Benson for FREE from Amazon.

About the book:

Averill Lowe is teaching in the southern iron-manufacturing mid-size city of Chattanooga when Riefe Braddock offers her a job as his personal assistant. Hie engineering company has begun to turn out armaments for the possible entry of the United States into World War II that has already begun in Europe, where England is fighting the Nazis and their conquered territories all alone. Eager to be able to help the war effort, she accepts.

Reife falls into grave danger in Cairo where he has traveled to find designs stolen from Braddock Engineering. Averill knows these innovative tank plans could mean victory for whoever implements them, and sets off for battle-torn North Africa. Young, idealistic, and not a little foolhardy, she braves an enemy-infested North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea to land in Cairo, intending to use the knowledge that a childhood lied in Egypt has provided to rescue Reife and the stolen designs.

Personal battles in her own life begin to emerge in the form of a shattering treachery and the stunning exposé of an unlikely foreign agent, as she watches the fault line―between her deep faith in a personal God and the lack of it in the man she loves―widen. Courted by two other men who love her, Averill stays true to herself while her high adventures provide readers a roller coaster of a ride.

Please note: Kindle prices tend to change quickly, so be sure to check that the total still says $0.00 before you “purchase” it.

You don’t need to have an actual Kindle to read the FREE Kindle books (although the price has dropped to only $79 for the cheapest Kindle Reader).  You can read Kindle books on your computer, iPhone, computer, and more.

Between the FREE books from Amazon and Kindle books I’ve checked out from the library, I’ve been having so much fun reading on my iPad.  I really thought I wouldn’t like not having a physical book, but I love it.

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