FREE Kindle Book: Dance and Be Glad (Promises from Above Book 2)

Right now, you can download Dance and Be Glad (Promises from Above Book 2) Kindle book written by Melissa Wardwell for FREE from Amazon.

About the book:

Finding a reason to dance through tragedy can be difficult when doing it alone.
Jillian Matthews had two priorities in her life – her daughter, Katie and her dance studio. When her husband died nine years before in the deserts of the Middle East, she became determined to raise her daughter on her own, refusing to open herself up to love again. The day her high school sweetheart waltzed back into her life things began to change.
Dr. Michael Emerson told himself he was happy with his life as a bachelor after a messy divorce. He thought his life as an ER doctor and yearly missions work were enough to satisfy him, that is until he saw Jillian for the first time in over a decade, leaving him longing for more. When tragedy strikes, he finds himself in a situation that he is completely unprepared for.

Please note: Kindle prices tend to change quickly, so be sure to check that the total still says $0.00 before you “purchase” it.  If you do accidentally purchase a Kindle book after the price has increased, you do have a short amount of time to request a refund from Amazon.

You don’t need to have an actual Kindle to read the FREE Kindle books (although the price has dropped to only $49 for the cheapest Kindle Reader).  You can read Kindle books on your computer, iPhone, iPad, and more.

Between the FREE books from Amazon and Kindle books I’ve checked out from the library, I’ve been having so much fun reading on my iPad.  I really thought I wouldn’t like not having a physical book, but I love it.

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