How to Host Your Holiday Dinner on a Budget

The holiday season can drain your budget bigger than any other time of the year. First our budgets are hit with Thanksgiving dinners and then immediately following, we’re hit with the Christmas season. Aside from gifts, your biggest cost will likely be the holiday dinners! Groceries are expensive even without adding on the cost of […]

Thanksgiving Activities & Crafts for Kids

You’ve planned ahead for a centsable Thanksgiving…so you have the meal planned and the grocery deals purchased.  But, now how are you going to entertain the kids while the adults clean up from dinner, watch football, and take naps? It doesn’t have to be too elaborate (or expensive), but with a little planning, the kids […]

Giving Thanks

Just like the retailers who immediately clear the shelves of Halloween items on 11/1 and replace them with Christmas items for sale, I sometimes have the tendency to skip over Thanksgiving in my thoughts. There is so much to do to get ready for Christmas with shopping for gifts, baking, sending out Christmas cards, taking […]

Your Guide to a Centsable Thanksgiving

Thanks to guest poster, Kathryn Katz, for these great Thanksgiving tips! Thanksgiving brings families together for festivities and good food. It’s a day where we step away from the daily grind to remember what’s important, and to give thanks for the blessings our family have received throughout the year. However, if you’re the host of […]

Thanksgiving and Family

Retailers seem to want us to forget about Thanksgiving and just skip straight to Christmas (except for day after Thanksgiving sales). Even on my blog, I seem to focus on Christmas only (but only because I’m trying to plan ahead so I can celebrate the true meaning of Christmas). But, Thanksgiving deserves our full attention, […]

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