Barilla Pasta: $1/1 Printable Coupon

We love Barilla Plus pasta at our house, because I like the added fiber and Omega-3. Right now, you can print a coupon for $1/1 off Barilla Plus pasta through VocalPoint, which will make for some cheap pasta.  Plus, you can share the coupon with up to 2 friends.


  1. Misty Davis says:

    Great pasta

  2. Debie Laughlin says:

    I use this pasta at least several times per week. Love this product.

  3. Dora says:

    Thanks!! love the Barilla products!!

  4. I am getting so sick & tired of having to jump thru hoops to get a coupon… going to the manufacture is a joke without having to go to facebook and “like” it… well not everyone likes facebook or uses it, so I guess those people aren’t entitled to get the same great deals as those who are obsessed with playing games… not everyone wants to or has time to go from link to link to link and then sent back to a link that does not have the coupon that was clicked on. And to have to “join” all the different websites to get a coupon that isn’t even there when you do fill out all the “required”* boxes…. I, personally, do not want a bunch of unwanted stuff emailed to me just to get a coupon that can’t get gotten thru the manufacture!!!!!
    Why does everything have to be out of control? Why can’t a person just go to the manufacture seeking a coupon & not have to go thru everyones personal websites instead? It makes it hard to be brand loyal when it takes hours to find a site that just does what it says…. “print coupons”……?

  5. Thank’s for this site.!*

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