7 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Want to lower your electricity bill this summer? Check out 7 tips to save money on electricity.

It’s really starting to heat up in parts of the country, which for us means that our air conditioner runs almost non-stop (especially on those 110 degree days!).  But, you don’t have to settle for super high electricity bills.  Here are 7 tips for saving money on air conditioning.

  1. Set your thermostat a degree or two higher than normal for your family.   In our house, we set the thermostat for 78.  Of course, during the super hot months (July and August), the air conditioner runs pretty constant even set at 78.
  2. Use ceiling fans.  We have ceiling fans in each of our family rooms and bedrooms to cool the rooms even more.  Be sure your fans are rotating counter clockwise to force the cool air down.
  3. Install a programmable thermostat.  If everyone is away from home during the day, you can program your thermostat at a higher temperature during the day and then schedule it to cool the house back down right before you return home.
  4. Avoid heating up the house.  Running the oven during the summer can heat up the entire house.  Consider grilling or using your slow cooker to cook your meals during the hot months.
  5. Clean or replace your furnace filter as recommended.  When you have a dirty air filter, your air conditioning unit has to work that much harder to get air through the system.
  6. Clean and service your AC unit each year.  Your air conditioner will run more efficiently if it’s been professionally serviced during the year.  Plus, it will likely extend the service life of your AC unit.
  7. Do energy-saving improvements.  You might need more insulation in your attic or would benefit from a radiant barrier.  If you have a really old unit, you’ll likely get energy improvements with a new energy efficient unit.  Or you can add solar screens or window films to help your windows reflect heat rather than absorb it.

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