6 Money Saving Hacks

If you need to cut some expenses in your budget, check out these 6 money saving hacks for some ideas on how to save money on everything from watching TV to buying a car.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save more money? You may think that you’ve done everything possible, but there may be some things that you haven’t tried. Whether it’s watching TV online or simply asking for a lower price, there are money saving hacks you can use.

Watch TV Online

Did you know that you can watch many of your favorite shows for free? It’s true. Some networks have free episodes to watch. Even if you don’t watch TV for free, you can watch it for a lot less. In some cases, you can pay as little as $10 per month. It all depends on what channels you want to watch. Check out companies like Sling, PlayStation Vue, and Hulu.

Go Car Shopping at the End of the Month

Car dealers have a set quota of sales they need to make for the month. If they haven’t met that quota, they may be willing to cut the price substantially to meet that goal. If you’re looking for a new or used car, this is one of the best times to buy.

The absolute best time of the year is the end of the year. During the end of the year, you’ll be able to score awesome deals on this year’s models.

Plant Some Trees

Not only is planting trees great for the environment, but it can save you energy as well. When you plant larger trees around your home, you block the sun, which helps keep your home cooler in the summer. When the sun beats down directly on your home, it can cause your air unit to work overtime to keep your home cool.

Pay with Cash – ALWAYS

You always, always, always want to pay with cash. Why? Because people are always less likely to overspend when they use cash. It’s psychologically hard to part with cash because you’re giving something rather than just swiping a card. In other words, you’re more aware of how much you’re spending.

Use Paint Samples in Crafting

Do you love to craft with paint? Skip the craft store and head to your local hardware store. You can find good-sized samples of paint that can be used in your crafts. These are much less expensive than paint purchased in your local craft store.

Ask for a Lower Price

Last, but not least, ask for a lower price. For example, if you want to continue paying for cable or satellite, call and ask for a lower price. Use your information on other companies, like Sling, to negotiate a better price. These companies are losing a lot of customers due to these companies and may lower your price to keep you as a customer.

The same goes for your cell phone company, call and mention that you’re thinking about switching to Straight Talk to save money. There are a number of companies you can ask for a lower price.

There are always more ways to save money. Whenever you think you’ve cut as much as you can, look harder. There’s always another hack to try.

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