Sam’s Club: FREE Trial Membership

This weekend (11/29 through 11/30), Sam’s Club is having an Open House, where you can visit the warehouse store without a membership.  Normally, if you make a purchase with a trial membership, you have to pay a 10% service fee.  However, it is waived during this Open House Event.  This is a great opportunity to stock up on items where Sam’s Club may be cheaper than another store, even with coupons.

We actually have a Costco membership (they have great gas prices), so I’m not very familiar with Sam’s Club.  However, Costco has many items that are a good deal (like organic foods).  Just stay far away from the toiletries section…why pay $20 for toothpaste, when you can get it free from the drugstores :-).

If this offer is no longer valid, you can see the currently available deals below:

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  1. robert bonner sr. says:

    Free 60 day trial membership.

  2. would like a one day free pass to sams club

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