Rite Aid Freebies – week of 1/29/12

Check out my Rite Aid deals list for the full list starting on Saturday mornings.

For more info on the coupon lingo, see Coupons 101. For more info on how Rite Aid works, click here.

Visit +UP Reward 101 for more info on the new loyalty program. You must use your Rite Aid Wellness card to qualify for the +UP Reward.  You can only use 1 of each VV coupons per month as they are now tied to your Wellness card (so no multiple prints of each coupon).

Get your coupons ready for several good deals at Rite Aid next week.  I will post the full list on Saturday morning, but in the meantime, these are the best deals I’ve found so far:

This List Has Expired
Single Check Rebate and +UP Reward Deals
Other Deals


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