Rite Aid Deals – week of 5/12/13

For more info on the coupon lingo, see Coupons 101. For more info on how Rite Aid works, click here.

Visit +UP Reward 101 for more info on the new loyalty program. You must use your Rite Aid Wellness card to qualify for the +UP Reward. You can only use 1 of each VV coupons per month as they are now tied to your Wellness card (so no multiple prints of each coupon). Plus, any +UP Rewards you earn will now be loaded to your Wellness card (unless you opt out), and you won’t be able to use any earned +UP Rewards until the next day.

Single Check Rebate and +UP Reward Deals
Other Deals


  1. I cannot find the Got2be rite aid coupon anywhere on the video values pages. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Corrie C says:

      It must have hit the print limit already, since it’s not showing up on the RA Video Value site anymore.


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