Ninja Cooking System: Review + Giveaway

Update: And the winner is…Laura J.  I have sent the winner an e-mail, and he or she has 48 hours to respond with contact information or I’ll have to choose another winner.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

I’ve never been a huge fan of cooking dinner, but let’s face it…it needs to be done. I try to prepare quick and healthy meals for my family, but I don’t always have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

I was excited to try out the new Ninja Cooking System, which helps you save time and serve up easy, healthier meals, all from one convenient countertop pot.  Now, it’s possible to make complete meals – layering the main course, vegetables, and pasta or rice inside the Ninja® Cooking System pot – in just 30 minutes, even from the freezer, cutting cooking times by as much as 30 to 50 percent.

Features include:

Steam-Infused Roasting and Baking – Revolutionary steam roasting and baking provides quicker cooking, plus healthier and moister results. Steam-infused roasting cooks meat evenly and cuts the cooking time by up to 30 percent, keeping more natural juices in the meat while taking the bad fat out.  Baked goods are more moist too, and can be prepared with up to 50 percent less fat.

Fast One-Pot Meal Making – With Triple Fusion Heat, complete meals can be made in just one single pot. Home cooks can layer meals by cooking dry pasta, veggies and meats all at the same time in the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System. Meats cook more evenly and casseroles have a savory and crispy finish, with more crunch on the bottom and sides.  Frozen seafood and other frozen items can even be prepared in 30 minutes.

SEAR-ious Slow Cooking – The Ninja Cooking System has both stovetop settings and slow cook settings which allows the home cook to use the same pot to sear and brown meats and vegetables to add more flavor to the meal. The stovetop can be used after slow cooking to deglaze sauces, and to add delicate vegetables for a perfect texture. The slow-cooker is programmable; allowing you to set the cooking time, which will automatically keep warm once cooking is complete. 

My Thoughts:

I really love this cooking system! It took me awhile to choose which recipe to try first, and we decided on Upside-Down Mac & Cheese.  It was easy to cook both in the stove function and then the final step in the oven function, and my family declared it a success!

Since I was so excited about the system, I decided to make my normal homemade spaghetti sauce recipe in it instead of the stove, and it worked great.  I could have even started it early and used the slow cooker function to keep it warm to serve later.

I’ve been looking through the recipe book, and there are several recipes that I can’t wait to try in the Ninja.


Ninja Cooking System has offered to give one (1) lucky reader their very own Ninja Cooking System (approx. retail value $159).

You must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. resident to win.


1.  Which function (stovetop, oven, slow cooking) do you think will be your favorite on the Ninja Cooking System?  Leave a comment on this post with your answer.


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Disclosure: I received the same gift package that the winner will be receiving to facilitate my review. I did not receive any compensation to write this post. The opinions are all mine!


  1. definitely being able to sear the meat before slow cooking

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  3. The slow cooking function!

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  8. I would like all the functions, and your mac n cheese looks so good!

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  10. Shirley Stewart says:

    I would love to try the steam infusied roasting and baking. i have been trying to cook healther since I have two boy and I’m getting older. The one problem I have is soemtimes its to dry and I or the kids will not eat it.

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  14. Definitely the slow cooker with the ability to sear the food!

  15. Wow, i’d use all the settings! What an awesome gadget!

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    The Stovetop

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  20. WOW! I didn’t know such an amazing thing existed!
    I think my favorite function is the fact that you can do BOTH stove cooking and oven cooking with one pot.

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    I like the roasting baking feature, its like having an extra oven…great for the holidays!

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    I think the slow cooker with same pot cooking option is exciting :)

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  42. I would love the Slow Cooking .

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  44. Nadine Gasparian says:

    Cool system! I really think the ‘oven’ function on this would work great and it would be the first one I would try out!! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to! :-)

  45. Angela Lohr says:

    I think all the settings are great. To be able to use all these settings within one appliance is really too good to be true. I’ll be watching the reviews on this one for awhile before I make a purchase. I already have an electric pressure cooker (which is super easy) and a slower cooker (plus a 3-pot slow cooker) so this will really have to blow me away to buy yet another counter top appliance. But I’m definitely intrigued. :)

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  53. In the colder months I will definitely use the slow cooker function – loving having dinner made when I get home from work!

  54. I would love the fast one-pot meals feature–would make my last minute dinner decisions easier!

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  56. slowcooker~

  57. I think the slow cooker, this is so cool!

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    I like the stovetop. It will allow me to brown my meats all in the same pot to make soups for the slow cooker.

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  74. Meghan Deppenschmidt says:

    I can’t wait to try the steam bake feature. I hate using so much oil or butter when I bake. This will be a perfect addition to my kitchen!

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  83. I’m thinking that I would like the oven function without having to use stove!

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  86. Sheena Hunt says:

    I will be honest and say I am a horrible cook, with a limited menu to offer lol. This cooking machine sounds like it could really help me! I want to try all of it’s functions! I’m really excited about all the recipes and things you can make with it!

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    I think I would like the slow cooking.

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  89. the oven feature

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  93. Lisa Carter says:

    I’ve just got started into cooking a crock pot and from what I’m gathering The Ninja seems to be the MackDaddy of slow cookers. I will love to experience the MacDaddy approach to new receipes for my family of 5.

  94. I’m most interested in how the “oven” feature works, I think. I’d like to see what I could do with that.

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  96. I love the slow cooking function!

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  103. I am dying to try the sear function. I am a shopping mall marketing director and the next few months will be crazy… Anything to save time!!!

  104. I can’t wait to try the steam baking function! My family loves sweets and it would be great to make healthier options.

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    Searing is a great option and I hate the slow cooker.I currently use so a good slow cooker would be a joy…its hard to narrow down to just one favorite…this slow cooker sounds wonderful!

  114. I would like to try the oven setting. A pot roast would be wonderful at this time of the year.

  115. I’m not a good cook I have to admit. I am always setting the smoke detector off and half the time my family just doesn’t enjoy my cooking because it is too dry or something. So I am especially looking forward to the oven function so hopefully my food won’t be too dry anymore.

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  120. I would love this! Especially for the slow cooking function. Our slow cooker isn’t working anymore and we love using it. This would be quite the upgrade! Oh, and that mac and cheese looks amazing! I’m starving now, lol.

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  151. I love the idea of the stovetop with the slow cooker! I love my crockpot, but there’s still lots I can’t do.

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  157. I think the sear and brown feature would be invaluable and is what attracted me to this appliance. If I don’t win one, I’m ordering one anyways!

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  162. Amazing kitchen cooking system; perfect for me and my downsized family and kitchen!

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    I would use the slow cooking function would be my favorite. I love the way “slow food” tastes, and it makes the house smell delicious and inviting. It’s nice to walk into after a long day out!

  165. JoeAnn Tredway says:

    I love the idea that you can do all three. But the one I like best is slow cooking. I love to put dinner on in the morning and have it all done when I come in from work.

  166. oven feature!!

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  170. The stovetop function would be my favorite on the Ninja Cooking System.

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