Grateful Giveaway #6: Pet Package

Often referred to as man’s best friend, a father’s pet can be very special in his life. Many dads take their beloved 4 legged friends out fishing, hunting, or other fun activities, such as throwing the frisbee.

Our next prize is perfect for the dad who likes to pamper his pet, including:

Modapet: These pet bowls are both stylish and affordable and constructed to keep the bowl in place while the pet eats.  I love the quality of the bowls, and they work even for my cat.

Bags on Board Purse Dispenser: This adjustable and fashionable purse can be worn around the waist or across the chest.   It discretely dispenses pick-up bags and provides a storage for your phone, I.D., keys and more.

OUT! Pet Care Stain and Odor Remover – unwanted stains have met their match with this advanced stain and odor remover.

Dog Tag Art:  Let your pet be stylish with functional and customizable art work from Dog Tag Art.  Dog Tag Art is a website for pet lovers, artists and fans to show off their creativity with cool ID tags. The site promotes user-submitted artwork that is then printed onto ID tags for pets. Users can also customize their tags by submitting their own photos or artwork to be turned into a dog tag. The tags come with color graphics on the front, 4 lines of text on the back, and are guaranteed for life.

Kurgo Wonder Hammock:  Cover up and protect the front and back of your seats with this simple waterproof hammock design, while keeping Fido safely confined in his area – not in your lap – or shifting you into park when you are driving down the highway – or falling to the floor – or licking and jumping on your passengers.

Simple Solution Eco-Care Training Pads:  They are an environmentally-friendly alternative to the original pads. The innovative construction is created with groundbreaking technology that actually reduces landfill waste and maximizes absorption. The Eco-Care goal is to reduce 400 tons of landfill waste annually while helping you care for your pet. Made with 85% recycled fiber. Powerful attractant and odor control

Vet’s Best Right Bites Multivitamin Treats:  They’ll beg to eat right! Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, these bites are an easy way to support the daily nutrition dogs need. Antioxidant ingredients help strengthen the immune system, and other key ingredients help develop strong, healthy bones and teeth.

FroliCat BOLT:  An interactive laser toy that provides hours of fun for you and your feline friend. Simply hold BOLT in your hand or place it on a flat surface, turn it on, and watch your cat pounce, chase and bat at the exciting laser patterns.

One (1) lucky reader will win a pet prize pack, including:

  • Bags on Board Purse Dispenser
  • OUT! Pet Care Stain and Odor Remover
  • Dog Tag Art
  • Kurgo Wonder Hammock
  • Simple Solution Eco-Care Training Pads
  • Vet’s Best Right Bites Multivitamin Treats
  • FroliCat BOLT

Entry is simple!  You just need to answer the question below by leaving a comment on this site!  You can even gain up to 2 bonus entries for doing each additional item listed (just make sure that you leave one entry for each one — up to a total of 3 comments).  As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.

EACH of the 12 participating blogs has their own prizes to give away so make sure to enter on each blog for the best chances to win! Use this spreadsheet to keep track of your entries!


1.  What’s the name(s) of your favorite pet? Leave a comment on this post.


1.  Follow “Cents”able Momma on a reader or via e-mail updates and leave a comment on this post.

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This giveaway will remain open until 11:59 p.m. EDT, Friday, May 27, 2011. Any comments left after this cut-off will not be counted. The winner will be selected randomly and will be notified via email within 48 hours after the close of the contest.

This giveaway is part of the Grateful Giveaways Event being hosted by myself and 11 other bloggers.  You can increase your chances of winning this prize (as well as all of the others on this site), by visiting each of them and entering the same way as you did here.  You have plenty of time to get to all of them, since the contest will be open for five full days.

As one final reminder, you will want to check out the terms of the giveaway by visiting the Grateful Giveaways:  Celebrating a Season of Giving Facebook page.  Just click on the TERMS tab at the top of the page.  (Note that by entering this contest, you agree that you have read the terms and are eligible to enter this contest).

Disclosure: I received the same gift package that the winner will be receiving to facilitate my review. I did not receive any compensation to write this post. The opinions are all mine!


  1. Vitamin treats

  2. I follow you on facebook

  3. I receive your emails

  4. My pets would love this!

  5. I follow on Facebook.

  6. This looks cool!

  7. We are getting ready for kittens this would be awesome

  8. My fav girl is Ginger, a lovely doxie/yorkie mix full of personality!

  9. I am a daily newsletter subscriber.

  10. I also follow you on Facebook!

  11. Patricia says:

    The name of my favorite pet is Lucky

  12. Raven

  13. Jessica B says:

    Mine is Brady

  14. Michelle says:

    Simmons is my cat’s name

  15. Jessica B says:

    I like you on facebook

  16. Jessica B says:

    I get your emails

  17. My cat’s name is Anfisa, which means ‘flower’, she is so cute!

  18. I like you on Facebook

  19. Kristin says:

    Tobi + Sam

  20. Jessica B says:

    I like FroliCat on Facebook

  21. I subscribe by email

  22. Laddie is my favorite. He was a bomb sniffing dog in Iraq and brought back here to the States. I love that dog!

  23. Katy Lau says:

    My pets name is Hera, we wanted a unique name and liked this one!

  24. My pets names are Tucker & Nellie – beagle mixes – and I adore them!

  25. I subscribe to your RSS feed in google reader.

  26. My favorite pet is Bear! My Springer Spaniel :)

  27. I follow you on twitter @bkxanon

  28. Chase and Charlie are my favorite kitties!

  29. Lisa Wilson says:

    Baby Girl, my chihuahua I rescused from a not so nice breeder!

  30. I follow you on facebook

  31. Kissy the Kitty Cat!

  32. I subscribe to your emails.

  33. Maureen Shaw says:

    What’s the name(s) of your favorite pet? The name of my favorite pet is Foxi…she is our collie/lab of 9 years and was a pound dog. She is our angel!

  34. I follow you on facebook! :)

  35. Jennifer Hill says:

    snickers,slinkey,and icarley would love this gift

  36. My favorite pet’s name is Snoopy.

  37. I follow “Cents”able Momma via email updates.

  38. Our dog’s name is Bentlee=)

  39. I follow you on Facebook!

  40. Melissa D. says:

    My favorite dogs are Puffer and Buddy.

  41. I have 4 fav pets…Rolly, Harley, Misty, and Oreo! (2 dogs, 2 cats)

  42. I get your emails! :)

  43. I follow you on facebook!

  44. Michele says:

    My weimaraner Isabella is my favorite pet

  45. My dog’s name is Sarah Jessica Barker. I love her!!!

  46. Gina H. says:

    Lilly our puppy.

  47. Gina H. says:

    Follow “Cents”able Momma on Facebook.

  48. Zoey

  49. i subscribe through reader

  50. ABE! After my favorite President….

  51. Molly and Abby

  52. following thru email

  53. Cali, Gracie, Stachie, Rusty, Smokey & Bandit.

  54. valerie says:

    My five dogs and cats would love this!!

  55. Shelley says:


  56. Shelley says:

    I am an email subscriber.

  57. Shelley says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  58. Kris I. says:

    My dog’s name is Daisy

  59. Kris I. says:

    I like you on Facebook

  60. Kris I. says:

    I subscribe to your emails

  61. Stefanie says:

    My favorite pets are my dogs, Scout and Olive.

  62. Jenny D. says:

    Tillie – my Bichon.

  63. Stefanie says:

    I subscribe to your email.

  64. Stefanie says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  65. Loki is our cat. He’s currently our only pet (although now that my 3 year old is potty trained she’s earned herself a goldfish! She wants to name it Dog…can you tell what she really wanted???) Loki (named for the God of Destruction – and he fits the name) was my anniversary gift our first year married. Love my boy!

  66. email subscrbier

  67. Follow you on FB

  68. Georgia Harris says:

    My first and only cat was PJ, who lived a long life. My favorite pony was Babe. My favorite dog was Trixie!

  69. Theresa says:

    Spencer, I always thought old man names make the best kitty names. ;)

  70. Cats: Genevieve, Astrid, Sajax & Jupiter Dogs: Lyriq, Diva, Porkchop, & Mystro

  71. centsable FB Fan C.j. Jennings

  72. Centsable email subscriber

  73. Jani Nelson says:

    My favorite pet is my dog Bella.

  74. Jani Nelson says:

    I follow you via email updates.

  75. Jani Nelson says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  76. Just Coupons says:

    “One” of my favorites is Boo

  77. Just Coupons says:

    I follow “Cents”able Momma via email

  78. Just Coupons says:

    I follow “Cents”able Momma through Facebook (Fb name Just Coupons)

  79. Sarah Ulfers says:


  80. Sarah Ulfers says:

    I Follow “Cents”able Momma through Facebook.

  81. Jill C. says:

    I get your daily emails

  82. Stephanie says:

    Sooo hard.. I have 6 pets and they are all precious to me..
    I would have to say Lady Elaina would be my most devoted pet, so therefore, my favorite.

  83. Heather Cathrall says:

    My Dog’s name is Sierra, but I wlays have a houseful of “favorite” pets. I foster for local animal shelters and rescues and currently have 5 foster kittens and a foster dog! I love opening my home to help endless amounts of animals. I can use all the pet supply help I can get! Current kittens are named after some of our favorite baseball players including Chase and Shane.

  84. kristy anderson says:

    my favorite animal is my kitty cat BOBO

  85. kristy anderson says:

    i follow centsable momma on fb

  86. kristy anderson says:

    i subscribe to centsable momma via email

  87. A mutt named Freddy and a bassett hound named Lucy.

  88. Iam an email subscriber.

  89. Mary T. says:

    Our silly dogs are named Earl Spencer and Maeve – Earl came with his name from the sheler and well, he IS an Earl! Maeve we named because they told us she was a Skye Terrier – turns out she’s not, she’s pretty much full Miniature Schnauzer!!

  90. Mary T. says:

    I receive your emails!

  91. Mary T. says:

    I follow “Cents”able Momma on FB.

  92. merrilee says:

    I just love my dog Buddy

    The name of my favorite pet is Doggie! :]

  94. Follow “Cents”able Momma via RSS feed

  95. Follow “Cents”able Momma on Facebook [ eva kieu ]

  96. Claudia says:

    My favorite name is Yaya.

  97. Kristi Schurter says:

    Pets names are Keesha and Shadow

  98. Kristi Schurter says:

    follow centsable momma via email

  99. Kristi Schurter says:

    follow centsable momma through facebook

  100. Erin Slattery says:

    Very difficult question since I have 4 wonderful pets (1 dog-Jake and 3 cats-Midnight, Charlie, Timmy). I guess if I had to pick one I would have to say Jake my dog as the relationship is different with him them my cats. Love them all so much :)

  101. Erin Slattery says:

    Email subscriber

  102. Erin Slattery says:

    Follow you on Twitter

  103. Cristy R. says:

    My cat Grace!

  104. Cristy R. says:

    Follow you on Twitter! markcristy3378

  105. I love my dogs and the would love these gifts

  106. Sarah O says:


  107. Sarah O says:

    I follow you on FB

  108. Our cat would love the FroliCat Bolt. She loves to play with toys but leaves them all over the house so this would be a perfect none messy toy for her.

  109. My pets name is Rutt!

  110. I follow you on a reader!

  111. I like you on facebook!

  112. The name of my favorite pet is Yoshi

  113. I follow you on twitter @giveawaysetc

  114. The name of my all-time favorite pet is Storm. He was
    a loveable and silly Airedale that not only kept me
    company, but reminded me of the good times before my
    husband was killed.

  115. I follow on Twitter as @LisaSVance.

  116. I subscribe via email
    as lisa (dot) s (dot) vance (at) saic (dot) com

  117. Jessica says:

    My favorite pets name is Charlotte my dog!

  118. Jessica says:

    I follow you on facebook

  119. Lynda Clark says:

    I have a calico cat named Snickers and a very fat spoiled pug named Ivy Rose.

  120. Lynda Clark says:

    I am following you on Facebook as Lynda Clark

  121. Lynda Clark says:

    I am an email subscriber.

  122. “Like” Centsable Momma on FB!!

  123. Rebecca Graham says:

    I have an 11 year old calico cat named Precious.

  124. Rebecca Graham says:

    Follow you on Twitter: rhoneygee

  125. All my animals are special in their own way and it is too hard to pick just one to be my favorite :).

  126. I subscribe to your emails.

  127. I follow you on facebook.

  128. kenna dotson says:

    my cat Zero is my Lap Kitty, He loves to Snuggle & Kiss!

  129. kenna dotson says:

    i subs. to your newsletter via email

  130. kenna dotson says:

    I like you on Fb

  131. Shell Holland says:

    My cats name is Smokey :)

  132. Shell Holland says:

    Following with google reader

  133. Shell Holland says:

    I follow you on twitter @superschaley

  134. shala_darkstone says:

    My favorite pet is my torti cat, Autumn.

  135. shala_darkstone says:

    I follow “Cents”able Momma via RSS feed.

  136. shala_darkstone says:

    I follow “Cents”able Momma through Facebook (FB name: Maddie Brubaker).

  137. Bailey

  138. I follow on twitter!

  139. My favorite pet is my dog Roscoe !

  140. My fave pet is my beagle, Bailey

  141. following Centsable momma on facebook (Tanya Riley)

  142. Sarah B. says:

    My little Lily girl! She’s our 2 year old cat & the most wonderful pet I’ve ever owned :)

  143. Sarah B. says:

    I get your daily emails!!

  144. Sarah B. says:

    Following you on Facebook!!

  145. Anne Loyd says:

    My favorite pet was Trouncer but he passed away. I love our dog Sally too!

  146. Anne Loyd says:

    I subscribe to blog emails.

  147. Anne Loyd says:

    I like you on FB as Anne Loyd.

  148. Carol Andries says:

    I follow you on Facebook

  149. Carol Andries says:

    I am an email subscriber

  150. Carol Andries says:

    Our pets name is Toby Andries. He is a 10 yr. old yellow lab.

  151. We had a super sweet dog named Copper who died too soon.

  152. I follow in my Reader.

  153. I follow you on Twitter as fink_girl.

  154. Courtney Cordonis says:

    The dog tag alert was my fav

  155. Courtney Cordonis says:

    i subscribe to your newsletter.

  156. Stacie Frost says:

    My dogs Sputnik and Venus, and my sweet cat Otis!! Thanks so much for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  157. Stacie Frost says:

    I’m an e-mail subscriber! Thanks so much for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  158. Stacie Frost says:

    I follow you on facebook (Stacie Dennis Frost). Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  159. tisha matthews says:

    william, princess, lucy and monte.

  160. tisha matthews says:

    receive email updates.

  161. tisha matthews says:

    follow CM on FB.

  162. My little Corgi is Bandit and is the smartest dog I have ever known

  163. follow CM on facebook

  164. subscribe to emails

  165. I can’t pick a favorite pet, so all my pet’s names are: Calvin, Bronco & Koda.

  166. I receive your email updates.

  167. I follow you on Facebook.

  168. My favorite pete’s name is Houdini

  169. I like you on facebook.

  170. patricia B. says:

    Hello all pet lovers
    My dog name is Jay . And i love himmmmmm
    he is the baby in the house.

  171. Jack the dog

  172. email subscriber

  173. follow you on twitter (@wimedia)

  174. melina R says:

    Stitch my pit bull

  175. melina R says:

    email subscriber

  176. My dog’s name is Kate she’s my favorite

  177. I follow you via email updates

  178. I follow you on FB Tara Lieb

  179. My kitties are Sammers and Widdow Baby!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  180. I’m an email subscriber, coriwestphal at msn dot com.

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  181. I like you on Facebook: Cori Eckstrom Westphal (

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  182. Shana E. says:

    My son is in love with a cat at N.O.A.H right now called Lucky.

  183. Shana E. says:

    Email subscriber

  184. Shana E. says:

    facebook fan of centable momma

  185. My pet is Monty – big black lab. He’s like my 4th child.

  186. I like you on facebook

  187. Michele says:


  188. Thao Nguyen says:

    I named my favorite dog as Tiger

  189. Thao Nguyen says:

    I am your FB fan @Lucy Nguyen

  190. Thao Nguyen says:

    I am your subscriber via email

  191. Trung Nguyen says:

    I named my favorite dog as Tiger

  192. Trung Nguyen says:

    email subscriber

  193. Trung Nguyen says:

    your FB fan (trung nguyen)

  194. Charity L. says:

    I have two: Sir Jeeves and Sunshine. They are both my favorite.

  195. Charity L. says:

    I like you on facebook as Charity L.

  196. evelyn goettner says:

    Our Pet dog’s name is Fletch.


  197. evelyn goettner says:

    I subscribe to your emails.


  198. evelyn goettner says:

    I like you on facebook as Evelyn Wakefield Goettner.
    I follow you on twitter as @evie197580.


  199. My favorite pets are Max, Gracie (dogs) and Buddy (cat)!

  200. My favorite pet is my sweet rescue dog Nigel.

  201. I am an email subscriber.

  202. Follow you on Facebook.

  203. Pauline says:

    My favorite pet name is Marley

  204. Pauline says:

    2. I followed Centsable Momma on Twitter. @emscout9 (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com) and liked them on facebook (Paul T)

  205. Pauline says:

    3. I am an email subscriber to Centsable Momma (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  206. stephanie miller says:

    we have 2 labs and 4 cats, but my baby is my chocolate lab, who we rescued when he was 4 months old. he has been my constant companion ever since! steph at

  207. stephanie miller says:

    im a subscriber via email, steph at

  208. stephanie miller says:

    im a fan of centsable momma on facebook, stephanie rowe miller, steph at

  209. valerie says:

    sadie, deliah, chuey, and milo are my fav puppies

  210. alcee clayborne says:

    The name of my favorite pet is oreo my cat

  211. alcee clayborne says:

    I subscribe through Google reader

  212. alcee clayborne says:

    I follow you on Facebook

  213. danelle knight says:

    Minnie Pearl

  214. Jennifer W. says:

    my puppy’s name is Fizzgig

  215. Jennifer W. says:

    i follow you on FB

  216. Jennifer W. says:

    I;m an email subscriber

  217. Kathy Clark says:

    We have 2 beautiful rescue cats “the girls” names are Caroline and Coriander

  218. Kathy Clark says:

    I am an email subscriber

  219. Kathy Clark says:

    I follow you on facebook

  220. Sarah Stevens says:

    We have three dogs and many cats some indoors ansme outside. Living on a farm these animals are par of the family and also great asset to rodent control. WE LOVE THEM ALL!

  221. I have a dog (Jake), a cat (Friskie) , a parrott (Sully) and 2 chickens.

  222. I am a email subscriber to Centsable Momma.

  223. Krystal M says:

    We have a cat named Arthur, he’s such a joy to have.

  224. Krystal M says:

    I follow “Cents”able Momma on fb.

  225. Crystal K. says:

    Two cats: Whiny and Waldo.

  226. Crystal K. says:

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  227. Crystal K. says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  228. The name of my husband’s favorite pet “Bruiser”- He was the most beautiful and handsome “Rottie”… Today, we have “Chestnut”- a terrier/poo who is a real pain in the neck; but he loves his daddy and even though my man would never admit to it the feelings are mutual:)

  229. Becki Thomspon says:

    Ginger, Sarabie, Nala and Kieara! Following in all needed areas!

  230. amy mcintosh says:

    I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 7 ducks, 5 chickens and 4 rabbits… I cant choose my fav. because I love them all.

  231. amy mcintosh says:

    I follow you on fb

  232. amy mcintosh says:

    I follow your blog via google reader and get email updates

  233. Sara Marie says:

    I am a fan of Centsable Momma on FB.

  234. Sara Marie says:

    I recieve daily emails.

  235. SPOOKY thats the nae of my favorite pet cat

  236. I follow “Cents”able momma on facebook

  237. I am an e-mail subscriber

  238. I follow CentsableMomma on Facebook

  239. Jennifer says:

    Sabrina and Diablo, yes they are black cats!

  240. Jennifer says:

    I am an email subscriber!

  241. My pets are King Kupa, P.B. & J. our cats, and my three yr old Jerry Garcia. I really want to find out what kind of stains the OUT product can handle, lol

  242. My favorite pet is my dog Max!

  243. I subscribe via email!

  244. I like you on facebook!

    Jennifer Smith Stewart

  245. Chavonne says:

    My dogs name is Emily and my 2 cats are Jessica and Tiger :)

  246. Chavonne says:

    I follow Centsablemomma on facebook.

  247. Chavonne says:

    I receive email updates on Centsablemomma.

  248. Brandy Asleson Cockrell says:

    My cat Boots!

  249. Brandy Asleson Cockrell says:

    email subscriber

  250. Brandy Asleson Cockrell says:

    I follow you on FB.

  251. guinea pig guinness

  252. Stephanie Wade says:

    My dog – Gunner and my cat – Tiger!!

  253. Stephanie Wade says:

    subscribe via the RSS feed.

  254. Stephanie Wade says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  255. Pamela James says:

    My dogs name is angus

    the cats name is sweetie

  256. Pamela James says:

    email subscriber

  257. Pamela James says:

    twitter follower


  258. We have two cats Mama Kat & Blaze

  259. Joseph Wade says:

    I have a dog named Gunner and I have a cat named Tiger.

  260. Joseph Wade says:

    I subscribe to the RSS feed.

  261. Joseph Wade says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  262. Michelle Pegram says:

    I can’t choose just one – Tidbit, Charlie, & Chewie, my cats!

  263. Michelle Pegram says:

    I’m an email subscriber

  264. Michelle Pegram says:

    I follow you on Facebook

  265. Kristin M says:

    My kids named our shiba inu puppy Koda because he looks like the baby bear from Disney’s Brother Bear!

  266. Kristin M says:

    I subscribe to your emails

  267. Kristin M says:

    I follow you on facebook

  268. I love my chihuahua Precious

  269. email subscriber

  270. FB follower (toni guimbellot lowery)

  271. Slinky

  272. I subscribe to your email

  273. I like you on Facebook

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