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Right now, you can download Sunset’s Dawn (Sunset Series) Kindle book written by J. Brent Eaton for FREE from Amazon.

About the book:

Can Jake Jennings, a man who has suffered unspeakable loss find peace and God’s grace in his new home town of Sunset, or will the woman he never hoped to find be the answer to his prayers?

Jacob Jennings

Jake escapes the emotional entanglements of Houston, where he lost his wife and baby over a decade ago, to start a new life in Central Texas. His desire is to live in solitude on a quiet ranch and continue his ministry as a chaplain:

From the Prologue:

“Mindy, I’m starting my new job in Sunset in two days. I’ve talked to you about the reasons for my move for a long time. I only hope you understand why I’m leaving Houston. You would love the log cabin I built there. It’s a lot bigger than what we dreamed of raising Adam in, but it really doesn’t feel like home without the two of you.

“I know I wanted to get away from a lot of things here and move to a smaller and quieter place, but the way I feel right now, I don’t know if I’m really leaving anything behind. Sunset is the kind of town I was looking for when I decided to make a move. Maybe I just need to give myself more time.

“Just because I’ve moved three hours away doesn’t mean I won’t come to visit. Your Mom says I’m abandoning you and Adam by moving. That’s not it at all. You know I’ll be back to see the two of you. I miss you… I love, Mindy.”

The Reverend Jacob Jennings stood motionless for a moment, then turned toward his truck and walked over the green manicured lawn past the rows of carved stones, each a gray granitereminder of the same sadness and loss he suffered thirteen years before.

Jennifer Lawson

Jen is a nurse, a single mother, and wants nothing more than to rid herself of ties to her ex-husband, the man who wrecked her dream of a loving family for her children. The last thing she wants is an attraction to another man:

It seems like I am just getting Steve out of my hair, and poof! Jake appears. This ain’t fair, God. It just ain’t fair. I asked you to make it so that I could manage my life and be happy, not make it more complicated. Now I find myself drawn to this guy like a mosquito to a bug light and we both know how that ends. Why, Lord? Why?

Then they meet…

It’s Jake’s first day on the job.

Can Jake overcome his fear of loving again and risk sharing his soul with another woman? Is it safe for Jennifer to be close to another man? How will a relationship affect her children?

Sometimes, God’s grace is difficult to accept. Jake and Jen learn that grace can overcome even the most difficult circumstances and pain.

Please note: Kindle prices tend to change quickly, so be sure to check that the total still says $0.00 before you “purchase” it.

You don’t need to have an actual Kindle to read the FREE Kindle books (although the price has dropped to only $69 for the cheapest Kindle Reader).  You can read Kindle books on your computer, iPhone, computer, and more.

Between the FREE books from Amazon and Kindle books I’ve checked out from the library, I’ve been having so much fun reading on my iPad.  I really thought I wouldn’t like not having a physical book, but I love it.

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