CVS: Use Expired ECB’s?

About a week ago, I was preparing my CVS list, and I realized that I had inadvertently let one of my ECB’s expire (by about 5 days).  I was aghast…that was the same as throwing away money in my book!

We all make mistakes, so I sucked it up and continued to CVS with the rest of my ECB’s.  I was going to throw away the expired ECB’s, but I decided I would see if they would possibly accept them (since I’ve heard cases of them accepting them if they are a day or 2 expired).

I was pleasantly surprised when the cashier said yes that she would take the expired ones.  So, I asked how long they would accept them after expiry.  She said about a month!

Now, I don’t know if ALL CVS stores will accept expired ECB’s for a month after expiration, but it doesn’t hurt to ask your CVS what their policy is.

If you are curious about CVS’ coupon policy, you can find that here.


  1. Oh wow, this is good news! I’ve never had any actually expire, but you never know 🙂

  2. Ava says:

    I had 2 that was $8.00 each that expired in February asked at 2 different stores both stores accepted them.

  3. sherry says:

    My CVS will take expired ones also but only about a week expired which is still good…IMO

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yeah, our manager here said that he has taken up to 3 months expired before!! I love my cvs 😉

  5. It has always been my experience that stores around Metro Detroit will accept them even up to a month or two past the date. Of course, I wish I would have known that when we started shopping CVS and threw away perfectly good yet expired ECBs (or struggled to find something to spend them on quickly)!

  6. Wonderful! I’ve sent Hubby running to CVS at 11pm before to use up ECB that are expiring and thrown them out before!

  7. Helen says:

    I’m fairly new to using ECB’s, the CVS here is not in a location that is on my regular shopping route. I had a $10. ECB expire and I sent CVS an email. They loaded it to the machine where you scan your card. Try emailing if your CVS won’t take it.

  8. Not all CVS stores do this. Mine only does it if it is in the same week the coupon expires (because they have to send the coupons in weekly.) Also, in the past I have found that CVS cooperate would reload expired EB to your card if you called. However the last time I called the rep said that most of the EB are actually manufacturer promos and those they can’t reload. So only if it is a CVS issued “deal” will they do that.

  9. Jodi Hoppe Wresh says:

    Yeah that is good news for me! i searched this topic on fb search and it brought me here. I just got back From CVS and the eb rewards that printed out today said they expired yesterday! So that is good to know!

    • Jodi – I would call CVS customer service and ask them about that, since it seems like it’s a problem with their system – maybe they could reissue the ECB’s for you. Using expired ECB’s is really dependent on the store, and I’m sure that not all of them do it – mine has become more strict lately.

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