7 Ways You May Be Wasting Money

Here’s the deal. We all spend money on items that we don’t really need – items that are complete money wasters. It might be a cable or satellite package or an expensive cup of coffee. We all have different things we waste money on. However, the following are some of the top money wasters. Cable […]

5 of the Best Clothing Hacks

We all have those moments when our favorite clothing pieces seem to betray us. It might be a bra strap making our cute dress look a bit trashy or our favorite sweater starting to look a bit ratty. We don’t even want to talk about how our favorite pieces are starting to make our closet […]

Road Trip Hacks to Make Traveling A Breeze

Are you planning a road trip soon and want to have it go as smoothly as possible? Below are some awesome road trip hacks to make traveling a breeze and save you time and money along the way! From packing, to what to bring to save the day, the hacks are all listed below. Simple Tips […]

5 Best Things to Buy at Thrift Stores

We all know that thrift stores are great places to save money. With that said, some items are better buys than others. Then there are those items that you may question whether or not they are safe to purchase, such as shoes (foot fungus, anyone?). However, there are some items that are almost always a […]

4 Ideas for a College Care Package

Your little ones are all grown up and have gone off to college. You want to send them something to make college life a bit easier. But what do you send? There are so many great care packages you can build for your children or grandchildren. It might be something to remind them of home […]

How to Save Money at Six Flags Over Texas

We just finished a wonderful spring break with my boys, and one of the reasons it was so fun was that we spent three days at Six Flags Over Texas, making it seem like we went on vacation even though it was more like a staycation. Problem is, Six Flags can get really expensive fast. […]

5 Ideas to Simplify Your Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had more time to spend with our families? Wouldn’t you love a free minute to curl up with a good book? You can easily make the most of your time by working to simplify your life. Whether it’s creating a snack and lunch station for your kids or adopting […]

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