How to Put Money in Savings When You’re Broke

We all know the value of a savings account. It can mean the difference between having the money for an unneeded expense or having to use a credit card and go deeper in debt. Finding the money to save can be hard when you’re broke. Thankfully, there are things you can do. Whether you sell […]

How to Turn Your Receipts Into Money

Are you throwing away your receipts as soon as you walk through the door? You might as well be throwing away free money. There are so many ways you can turn those receipts into cold hard cash. Whether you use a rebate app or earn points that can be turned into gift cards, you can […]

6 Things You are Spending Too Much Money On

Did you know that you’re overspending on some of the most common things you buy? The truth is you may be spending thousands more than you need to each and every year. If you want to have more money in your pocket, there are things you need to stop spending so much on. Whether it’s […]

How We Cut our Dining Out Budget

I LOVE going out to eat.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  You don’t have to cook or clean up afterwards! However, going out to eat takes up a large amount of some families’ budgets. While going out to eat can be convenient, it can also be expensive. Thankfully, there are ways to cut the expense. Whether […]

How to Organize Your Bills

One of the most important things about getting on top of your finances is to organize your bills. If you’re the type that often forgets to pay your bills on time, it may be because you’re not organized. Whether you use a bill organizer or rely on your planner, there are ways to organize your […]

What is a 50/20/30 Budget and Why You Should Have One

Does budgeting seem too complicated? Do you constantly feel like you’re still overspending or never have enough money. The 50/20/30 budget can make things so much easier for you. Not only can it help ensure that you’re not overspending, but it can help you get out of debt. Let’s take a closer look at what […]

5 Frugal Valentine’s Day Activities with Kids

Valentine’s Day is such a special time for kids. It’s so fun to think about giving a Valentine to that special someone for the very first time – even if that special someone is mom or dad. If you want your kids to have fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you’ll love these frugal Valentine’s […]

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